The world is suffering a massive delusion that humans catch viruses and get stuck with them unable to LET/GO.

imagine a world where no one would let go of their base ballIt's like saying that we catch gas and can't fart it out.

Even cows are not this stupid they just fart and fart and then kids in Congress flip the fart out.

Catching these things is not the problem as we can release whatever we catch.

You can try that at home, catch a base ball then release it. Catch a frisbee and release it.

Catch a virus and release it EVEN while the bully down the street says you can't.

Catch carbon dioxide from that can of bubbly soda then release it in your home environment so it can insulate during winter or summer. Let me know how that goes. You can release it but you can't catch it again.

There is a chance you find that CO2 thing doesn't insulate at all as it's movable air just like it does not insulate anywhere on Earth, but you were able to release that CO2 gas fart and that's the bigger point.

Maybe it's time the world start paying attention to the elephants that were thrown in front of the bus who are trying to make us pay attention to how letting go works as they fart out viruses.

For centuries cultures have thrown good ones to the lions. It goes on today.

Hans Gelderblom is an electron microscope scientist who studies what is presented by the CGI.

I found what he had to say about viruses of special significance. He's not the only one there's many many others that are trying to get the world to understand the concept of letting go and how our bodies are smarter than our minds when it comes to letting go hello.

Hans stated in the extended interview of "House of Numbers" that when he was presented the imagery which is slices of computer graphic models of things that are impossible to see a full image of that he has to interpret what is presented in these slices.......he saw cell debris.

In other words he saw the body's "cells" taking a shit or shedding or it could be shit from another cell around another cell much like the shit all around us when we watch TV, and not infections by foreign invaders, and not cells replicating billions of monsters we cannot see, it's just poo. 

If we can grasp the idea that we let go of a baseball and many other things surely we can grasp then let go that the cells in the body do this same thing while others grab onto opportunity.



in honor of David Crowe who died on July 12, 2020 I dedicate this page to his memory, he will be deeply missed


written by Kenneth Wegorowski copyright 2020 - inspired in part by David Crowe and other great thinkers