A vaping review that is a great example of fantastic editing and camera zoom use

Shaky camera and delirious rapid fire zooms destroy good stories. It also detracts from bad ones.

Here is an example of how to make a movie that is enjoyable where the proper use of zoom is used.


Notice how the zooms work with the music thus it has meaning. The zoom helps one to see closer the build and it entertains.

Here we have an inanimate object that is being “built” and thus the object has “life” and it’s expression changes. Zooming in to people to try to convey their expression better is the most horrible use of the zoom feature in moving image recorders, which we can now name as MIR’s.

Too often even in widely broadcast filming do they not do zooms properly but rather they try and fail to use this technique to try to emphasize the subject’s expression when it is entirely not necessary and makes viewing the subject worse. It’s like how a home movie looks when your uncle is holding the camera and falls and tries to quickly get back up.

The producer may also want to give that “home movie” look but like 99.12345% of the time WHY ON EARTH WHY?