A vaping review that is a great example of fantastic editing and camera zoom use

Shaky camera and delirious rapid fire zooms destroy good stories. It also detracts from bad ones.

Here is an example of how to make a movie that is enjoyable where the proper use of zoom is used.


Notice how the zooms work with the music thus it has meaning. The zoom helps one to see closer the build and it entertains.

Here we have an inanimate object that is being “built” and thus the object has “life” and it’s expression changes. Zooming in to people to try to convey their expression better is the most horrible use of the zoom feature in moving image recorders, which we can now name as MIR’s.

Too often even in widely broadcast filming do they not do zooms properly but rather they try and fail to use this technique to try to emphasize the subject’s expression when it is entirely not necessary and makes viewing the subject worse. It’s like how a home movie looks when your uncle is holding the camera and falls and tries to quickly get back up.

The producer may also want to give that “home movie” look but like 99.12345% of the time WHY ON EARTH WHY?


 Geostorm (2017) on IMDb

I thought this was a great movie but it did not get high, only middle ratings, last I checked a 5.2 on IMDb.

I felt the direction and composition was very well done. Camera shake was NOT THERE when it should not have been. It was used when it can effectively be used.

It brought us into another world like movies should do.

The concept is that the US Government and world governments created a main satellite control station in space with a network of satellites enveloping the globe that controlled weather. It’s systems became hijacked as can be expected in all good vs. evil movies, and the thrill of watching the players try to save earth from catastrophic weather systems CAUSED by the satellite weather control systems allowed for a lot of major destruction to occur while they worked feverishly to reboot the system.

A quick note, this movie was over the top at times with unbelievable scenes, yet in comparing this to San Andreas I felt that these were just a stretch into the creative view. In San Andreas so much of the destruction due to a major earthquake was 100% unbelievable because such damage is just impossible, as was the boat breezing through the debris fields effortlessly.

Here we are in space controlling the weather and when the evil doer recodes the system to cause catastropic weather it’s believable because we see cyclones and tidal waves that could happen.

Sure the instant freezing is a bit over the top, yet it’s actually possible if there were to be such a system as the temperature of space is negative 450 degrees below zero.

I call this a must see movie for a family or friends that can enjoy catastrophe movies to watch together and just have fun with it.

Slums Of Beverly Hills (1998)

This film has some interesting things going for it but it’s also rather boring and frustrating especially in that it brings us a little too close to yucky sexual exploration. I had to shut it off about mid way when we are taken into the bathroom with the teen girl with her vibrator and her “first time”. In film making the way this was done effectively brings us in there with her so there are those who in watching this will find it fascinating. It doesn’t of course show anything too risque, so to speak, but it does show her face up close and her expressions. The camera doesn’t Blair Witch us thankfully as this was made one year before that, in 1998, and because of that we intensely focus on her face. In contrast one might want to use the BW effect a little to take away some of that intensity so keep this in mind when creating a film project. The film is set in 1974. The very fact that in those days there was no such thing as a cell phone and was a time that many of us can relate to makes this film worth a try as it takes you to both those days of fabulous Beverly Hills and those days of typical substandard American living. What I mean is that as you watch the interactions of all the players, we see how no one is distracted, people all in a room pay attention to each other, look at each other, talk to each other, and fully interact with each other for long periods of time, UNLIKE TODAY where ever you go people have their faced embedded in a piece of computerized glass thanks to Steve Jobs, and all those who invented and produced the telephone that can present us IMOVIES.

Slums Of Beverly Hills

 Slums of Beverly Hills (1998) on IMDb 

review by ken@imovies.com