Vope on a rope

Vaping on a rope is called voping. I just created that term. The product could be called VOPE or a Vope Rope.

USPTO says the term “vope” is trademarked for driver training, only one record has that term #85538107.

In this film Zophie typically does her movie making in a home studio with a camera set in place. That works well for almost all of her movies. In this one though she is presenting a small portable vape device that can be and should be placed on a rope/necklace for convenience.

It’s staged in the car. She goes through a drive-thru for food. She goes out to a club and shares her vape with others while it’s on her neck. Great way to meet people – one person asks “Can I share your vape?”

She rambles a bit but this presentation is good because it’s showing how in daily life how convenient this product is to have and use. It would be much better if the camera didn’t shake though.

Neutralize camera shake!


 Geostorm (2017) on IMDb

I thought this was a great movie but it did not get high, only middle ratings, last I checked a 5.2 on IMDb.

I felt the direction and composition was very well done. Camera shake was NOT THERE when it should not have been. It was used when it can effectively be used.

It brought us into another world like movies should do.

The concept is that the US Government and world governments created a main satellite control station in space with a network of satellites enveloping the globe that controlled weather. It’s systems became hijacked as can be expected in all good vs. evil movies, and the thrill of watching the players try to save earth from catastrophic weather systems CAUSED by the satellite weather control systems allowed for a lot of major destruction to occur while they worked feverishly to reboot the system.

A quick note, this movie was over the top at times with unbelievable scenes, yet in comparing this to San Andreas I felt that these were just a stretch into the creative view. In San Andreas so much of the destruction due to a major earthquake was 100% unbelievable because such damage is just impossible, as was the boat breezing through the debris fields effortlessly.

Here we are in space controlling the weather and when the evil doer recodes the system to cause catastropic weather it’s believable because we see cyclones and tidal waves that could happen.

Sure the instant freezing is a bit over the top, yet it’s actually possible if there were to be such a system as the temperature of space is negative 450 degrees below zero.

I call this a must see movie for a family or friends that can enjoy catastrophe movies to watch together and just have fun with it.

Sounding like characters you know

Shelly Long sounded just like the character named Carla who she worked alongside in Cheers when she was voicing a part she played in her 1987 film Outrageous Fortune as she was discussing her career on Johnny Carson. When she gets into character fully she says “gonna squeegee your brains off the wall” and it’s just like hearing Carla talk on Cheers, I mean not just like the accent was right, you could swear you were hearing the voice of Carla. This can happen when you know a voice well, it’s like you absorb the voice. What’s also interesting to watch in this segment at about 4:50 she voices a fast paced record playing, I have never heard anyone do this so well. It’s also interesting to learn that she worked with Natalie Wood as stated in Wikipedia, “Her first notable role came in the 1979 television movie The Cracker Factory as a psychiatric inmate; the movie starred Natalie Wood.”



One review stated “If it wasn’t for Netflix, Mute wouldn’t exist”.

My review:

I liked this movie but it did not get a high rating. It’s appearing on Netflix and as seen on an article on Hollywood Reportler that claims the movie might be as bad as Cloverfield Paradox (no comparison in my opinion) the producer says, “if it wasn’t for Netflix, Mute simply wouldn’t  exist”. The movie is also obviously one of dedication to the movie making arts, in the article it also says “Mute is a film defined by its director, who worked for more than a decade”. I am sure this film is not for everyone thus the middle range rating, but what is incredible about what Netflix doing it that it is providing movies for everyone, whereas in the past many films would not have ever been made, and unfortunately, many films never were.



Love it or lift it

Is this Hillary Farr of “Love It Or List It” on the right in this elevator (lift)?

No, it’s Wendy Watson as seen on S1E2 of “The IT Crowd” which is a hilarious slapstick sitcom. It has some of the best writing, directing, and generally simple sets while it’s episodes get some very high ratings. The acting is not polished but that actually draws is in more giving the feeling as if we are amongst friends and co-workers. It’s in the realm of slapstick comedy. Worth a watch.

What makes a great actress actor actperson?

Not sure I should even use that word person as it has the male connotation to it and these days everything offends certain homo sapiens some of whom call them selves mee three or something like that. Some consider Amy Adams as beeing a massively better acting thingy than Merryl Streep. I have to agree with the author of this full article that there are many more who might be better, but in one example saying that Sigourney Weaver is better is leaving out important dertermination materials in evaluation. Whenever an acting thingy homosap is being judged on “acting ability” one is mostly limited to what they have acted in. Weaver is well known for Aliens and Dave and some other well received films but who wants to see Aliens more than once? I don’t and it’s not just because I don’t love alien or sci-fi films like others do, it’s that when I think of seeing a sci-fi film and think of seeing Weaver again, I cringe. I’m not even tototally sure why that is. Yes her acting is good, even great in that film, but it’s not good enough to make me overlook how she acts. Not that there’s something seriously wrong with it, it’s just not acting that draws me back in. Great acting includes a style that draws in everyone. Her style is limited somehow. Streep has more variety in style thus when we see her we don’t see the same person all the time, oh sorry, perthing. Streep has done so many roles where I would watch more than once.

Written by Ken Wegorowski. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.