Side view flipping is flippin annoying

There are times that this style of video editing fits, not here in this vaping review for the Vaporesso Polar 220w starter kit. What it does is take the focus away from the product and instead put it more on the reviewer. Another thing that this technique does is add an element of distrust. Why are we looking from the side? This technique often can effectively be used to portray oh so subtly that there is someone (or the viewer even) critiquing, questioning, analyzing, and flat out not trusting of the person, it gives an impression, again subtly, that there is a hidden camera catching someone or trying to catch someone in a lie. It’s used way too often in the wrong way.

I also think this guy goes a bit overboard in his sales pitchy thingy. He reminds me of a car salesman. Why do that on what is supposed to be an honest review.

Another problem is his set, notice all the light bulbs in the background. When he vapes and blows the vapor at the camera we see these spots, like as if we are seeing spots in our eyes after being knocked out. It also looks like the vapor just hit the camera and caused droplets to form on it. Although we can see clear enough that it did not, movies should not present to the viewer anything that causes the mind to have to start analyzing even for a split second the set unless it is used for a purpose on purpose.

I had to vote this guy down on his production because of all this along with the main reason of voting him down, he never showed in detail how the screen functioned.