Pan is a mythical creature. He is fabled to have caused sudden groundless fear and Panic.

A Pandemic affects everyone and similarly.

The unfounded fears today have caused Athenians who learned from the gods to this time flee Pandemonium.

Historical accounts have referenced that the Athenians believed he caused the Panic among Persians.

In current times Panic has occured omongst moviesians due to the spread of the term Pandemic.


it just might be time to listen to the ignored elephants


electron microscopes are used to "prove" to us that viruses exist and are monsters

but not every scientist who understands what is presented by electron microscopes sees a monster

only the ones that have something to sell you seem to see monsters

others tell us that they just don't have that kind of power

you see electron microscope imagery is what Tony Fauci head of the "National Institutes of Health" and related agencies use to present their interpretations of The Bible

they see slices of computer graphics created like movies

they present scripts, stories, and lots of drama

electron microscope images are made by shooting electron particles at cells and they look at the CGI generated

 they do not see optical imagery that is magnified by optics, even telescopes that rely on optics provide more accurate images with little or no interpretation needed than do these images presented by electron microscopes that attempt to look at things that are zillions of times smaller than man

so we have the world in a Panicidemic over some new threat because of what is interpreted by certain scientists who all have ties to big money and big TV and stupid political leaders who never read any of this stuff and who rely on perpetual cluelessness

who ever thunk they'd shut down schools, businesses, everything to make everyone watch and learn from TV like they have, someone sure thought that through, "Make them stay at home this time to brainwash them in 3 months rather than 3 years"

if you cannot turn off the TV for one month you are addicted

fear tactics are often used to get you to buy something you don't need and urges of immediate gratification to save us all from monsters

it all sounds so real as it's presented by authorities but remember it's also coming from those same people who told us Round-Up was not a harmful herbicide and DDT was also safe and they told us instead that it was a virus that caused the polio not the DDT so then they sold us vaccines for that and there's always a vaccine or app for that isn't there except there is no app for getting our lives and jobs back as they declared we have to stay home to stop the spread of what's in the air constantly moved around with blankets of carbon dioxide nothing as well and face masks nor condoms stop viruses as Margaret Heckler, the US Health and Human Services tried to tell us in 1985

to believe what they say about these slices of imagery which are like super thin sliced beef is like believing the interpretation that because there are cow proteins in that slice of bologna that it's a raging bull let loose in a China shoppe province

Hans Gelderblom in the extended interview in House of Numbers explained this situation well stating that regarding long ago what was interpreted as another monster virus that what he interpreted was cellular debris incapable of harm while those other interpreters who screamed the loudest, or got others to scream for them, presented Godzilla which is a character in a movie and they all made fortunes

how many mythical creatures are there in electron microscopy one must wonder

if we got vaccinated for all of them it would be 10,000,000 shots each year

if we got vaccinated for every mutation that would be 10,000,000,000,000 shots each year injecting the very thing that is supposedly a killer

it's basically rape

my cells do not want to be raped by the potions in these things

i want to know when exactly did our bodies stop making antibodies to match, mirror, and eliminate any such invader as they always have since we were Neanderthal movie goers

it is the very foundation of their claims - to stimulate antibodies - yet they then claim we need to instead of relying on our bodies, need to go to Mr. Haney for supplies

shutting down health clubs "for our health" and 1/2 of all means of survival is insane

odd how it all came right after the impeachment virus

health authorities and politicians are clearly suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, delusions, and other maladies

Low Bridge! Everybody Down!


did you notice the power center