I looked up in the sky and what did I Nazi, not a sea of carbon dioxide, but a sea of heat generatiors. The lone piece of carbon up there had no friends. There was a swimming pool though.

The projecticians saw air form so many blankets all stuck at the edge of the space between their sound bytes.

They see spinning pinwheels and cartoons with super heroes as the solution to air.

They think air traps heat and rabbits for stew.

They say your breath catches it and holds it for green.

I looked where they were pointing.

I saw heat being generated by white spin sticks where forest once lay, I couldn't see the sky anymore. Stars were a different color not twinkling they acted weird.

Then I looked past the producers and inbetween these massive white poles I saw washers and dryers, cars both electric and gas powered, air conditioners, dishwashers which are not necessary to get dishes clean they are made so you buy different types of try this.

They were all floating up there in the atmosphere. They were all generating the heat. I tried to bring them back down to Earth they refused. They like it up there.

The projectors even ride up to the Arctic Circle in petrolers with motors that generate massive amounts of the very thing they fear cannot escape. They go there to see for themselves what is happening to the set, a thing called melting which never has happened before. They notice a strange white substance and can't for the life of them figure out what it is.

There is a bear laughing.

Some have even gotten stuck in it and had to have more ships that generate the very thing they fear will kill us in order for them to be saved.

Is there any saving them though from mental illness change and air change?

Expeditions were ruined by the strange white substance that apparently affects the mind in odd ways.

The better than everyone else formerly entertainers couldn't fix home-less-next with a Chi-ken-Sanabonwitchunt. Can't they use all that air to keep them warm in winter?

It could insulate the home they keep for themselves to store all their projectors they use to place logs onto others movie sets.



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski