Spotlighting tells a bedtime story


Madonna – Bedtime Story (4:59)

This snapshot of the video shows a great moment where Madonna walked down off the stage and touched the audience up close, the spotlight was following her. Notice this look of the round circle of light. It’s an effect that presents a unique scene amidst the other frames of video capture, which for a moment highlights a different part of “the story” and presents it as if a father is walking his child by the hand closer to a pool of water to see the pollywogs up close. In this short segment the use of video editing, and another camera angle helps with the story. If we were only using just one camera, without video editing, and just panned back, turned the one camera to the left, and zoomed in, there wouldn’t be this kind of story being told to the finished video viewing audience. See for yourself how this technique plays out below.

Another technique for effect is the use of wind. Notice how in this performance we see her flowing long blond hair being blown so unnaturally in the wind. Stage performances never really are windy areas and wind outdoors doesn’t naturally flow UP like it is in this scene. It creates another element of mystery, trance, and mood.