Making a good movie ending

written by Ken Wegorowski on September 16, 2017

Basically there are some standard techniques that film makers use to signify and end to their movie. I want to touch on just one of those that I had never seen done before. In the film “Margin Call” they didn’t end the verbal sound track.

Most films will conclude the voice and atmospheric sound and then start roll of credits with music. This film went to black, started the credit roll, but never turned off the sound for what had been going on in the scene prior. This was a great technique for this particular film that instead of ending the entire movie made it so that we were still there but just not visualizing it. This happens in life and it is why this technique can be effective movie making. We sometimes play these events in our minds visually and with sound, but sometimes we cut the sound and keep the visuals, or keep the visuals and cut the sound. Did you catch that? I said the same thing twice. Just be careful to not “Blair Witch” this movie ending technique!