iMovies projection takes many forms REPEATEDLY PLAYING
in the renewable theatre that of course runs on fossil fuel



what's this open space doing here we must cover it to save the planet

oh and don't look at the bird shredders here

hyper-prosoon coming OMG it's here
EVERY WHICH WAY ENERGY  click here to view film

Here we will see how the wind farms at Palm Springs routinely will both
burn energy and sometimes be creating minimal amounts of energy while we pour massive amounts of energy into building and maintining these illusions of clean energy that dirty up landscapes with white non-recyclable massive propeller colonization.

We never really know for sure just by looking at these if they are
acting like a producer creating something of value or just using our energy to keep busy to look like they are producing.

The wind may just be
spinning the blades for special effect at varied times without producing anything other than a really good performance or the grid energy may be doing it burning up energy.

They can be entertaining to watch though especially when they are in this mode which is all over the place but tickets to this show are expensive. 

I consinder myself very fortune it to have been able to witness this production featuring the waste of our energy on such a mssive scale surrounded by 2000+ white colonists first hand as not every one has had the chance to experience their beauty and magnificence and I wanted to share this with the world so we can plant these everywhere in order to save the planet from carbon dioxide air that insulates so well I created a new carved carbon dioxide front door for my estate I bought with all the money you keep throwing my way with tax credits and electric bill surcharges but I cannot for the life of me figure out why the cold wind keeps blowing right through my new beautiful pure carbon dioxide front door on my 700 million dollar estate you all bought for me.

Meanwhile wind farms routinely also get paid with your money to....... are you sitting down


We build these mostly to save the planet from nothing and to transfer our energy to the rich. If you think we need these to save anything from milligrams of carbon dioxide the FAKE evil insulator that is causing the "planet to heat up" more than in loony minds please send me some of this fantastical magical carbon air so I can insulate my home. I will force all this hot CO2 air into the cracks around the windows and get rid of my front door and instead create a beautiful carved front door made of fantastical insulating carbon dioxide AIR [project done stay tuned for pictures] and it will save so much energy it will be enough to power all our electric motor based washing machines and cars that are all causing more heat that "cannot escape" than carbon blankets of constantly moving air could even dream of doing as they surround the homes of all the weather controlists keeping them warm

old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food

giving your energy away

there's a whole lot more on this energy scam at HORSEPOWER.NET which is another waste of energy

and what happened to Nevada's solar project energy waste farm


Crescent Dunes was the first concentrated solar power system that generated solar power by using smoke & mirrors (or lenses) to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a receiver plant with a central receiver tower and advanced molten salt energy storage technology.

at minimum $750 million in energy transferred

the basis

It's weather change. When we keep repeating their bastardized term we keep adding fuel to their fire which they started and of course this adds more heat causing the planet to be filled with an endless supply of smoke & mirrors presenting cellular debris and carbon dioxide as Godzilla and King Kong on a rampage.

are these blinking they should be blinking we want the entire world covered in blinking if you do not see them blinking  

BLINK and you won't miss it here's the view of incessant flashing red lights that eco-facists want you to see at night everywhere on the planet as they plant wind seeds as they claim to save us from carbon dioxide in quantities so incredibly small you can't find them it's a mere .0004 of the sky the seeds grow up into large wind turbines and these farms produce unstable chaotic energy causing the grid to use more energy to maintain and they are 100% dependent on fossil fuels as they grow and spread their seed everywhere and draw power from fossil fuels in the grid to turn the propellers so they do not seize and they turn them on to use up excess energy made by other renewables that no one wants so when you see them spinning they might be burning up energy watch closely they make wind using fossil fuels so all the puke green energy plans that goofy politicians promote with pictures they drew in kindergarten are wasting oil and making our nightscapes look like crap and chop up birds and use your tax energy to make industrialists rich and like all cults there is no telling these people who live on carbon blankets of air that convection always cools the planet and we are not doomed except to repeat the same things over and over and claim we are not insane as we continue to feed the machines that are consuming our planet which we keep thinking will save us and now that Michael Moore backed film exposes this con game and all the energy lies that wind and solar are going to "save us" as they realize it's just another industrialist scam maybe some will change their faith and ask our subsidies forgiveness the next time they drive in to Palm Springs to get away from it all they will see how great saving the planet is ONLY for those who get rich off it and those who need energy pacifiers stuck in their mouths spreading their green energy filth all over Mother Nature's bosom.

old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food old fashioned wind mills would MILL GRAIN for bread and food

To go 100% renewable as some government twits claim and think they are Mr. Smith Goes To Washington as they babble the entire Puke Dark Green Energy New Improved Deal Scam that Californians dumped in 1986 all tax credits for these scams when they were not "smart deluded" as they are now we are going to do we would have to cover the entire planet with these pieces of plastic oil based based sky propeller crap that are already causing recycling problems. By the wayside where did all those recycling centers go in California??? I can't find any where to recycle the mountains of plastic environment destructive water bottles any more. We used to use a reusable drinking glass made of glass or simply drink water out of a renewable fountain. Sales pitchers also told us to catch recycling and when we did it would solve all our problems then we learned it all went to China to be dumped and burned.

Now the pitchers reversed pitch, forced paper bags on us when they had told us that plastic bags would solve our deforestation problems so we are back to deforestation problems. So now we buy plastic bags and we use those for our garbage that are 8 times thicker when we had free ones that worked just as well. Ecomoons are ruining the planet to the delight of many an investor portfolio. Just look at the blinking reminders all using up even more energy along with all those electronic devices now that never shut off, including those servers that feed us more documentaries on the life of unicorns than ever in the history of Earth.

AOTM Energy is All Over The Map chaos

grids do not like schitzophrenic energy chaos due to solar and wind farming nonsense
media loves it and sleasy sales pitchers love adding it
so they can sell you more stuff to "fix it" sell more ad space so you buy more carbon dioxide bubble streams and other crap that rots your kids teeth
it's an endless transfer of your energy

It's very sad to hear that Lompoc, one of the very beautiful areas of central California is going to get the wishes of the eco-loons made into more fake clean energy movie sets. After years of appeals and fights the board of supervisors voted it through. California voters are lost in the green fake clean energy delusion to the delight of the insutrialists that collect everyone's money from them. Starting in February old oak trees will be removed for these monuments of white supremacy.

Republicans are drafting their own Green New Deal. It will be called The Fake Clean Energy Act of 2020 and will be written exactly like the Green New Deal. There's nothing quite like calling this bullshit out. TFCEA will call for every square mile of the planet's last areas of any open space be covered fully in garbage energy wind farms, make every building everywhere reflect the sun's massive glare into your eyes evenings and mornings as solar panels made of fossil fuels will be installed on every single roof top so that we can all watch endless streams of movies showing how wonderful the planet was before clean energy all of course made using computer generated imagery because there will not be anywhere to actually film such beauty anymore.


This page intentionally left blank free of wind industry blinking blight

CO2 some thing is emissions are down instead of up in the universe

E-missions waser lower in the US than year prior. So was water vapor response to cool air. This is what the planet does based on physics.

So then we have the responderists babbling at us....

Maddtwit response: "Because of all our renewalables being forced down our throats ruining our digestive systems we are coming out ahead"

Conservs-r-us response: "Actually it was a cooler summer so air conditioners ran less and since most of our electricity is from fossil fuels even more than before, there were less E-missions going on adding a mere 1 particle of what plants absorb to 2,499 other parts of what really causes weather change, water vapor.

Meanwhile China added 20,000 more coal plants and children pulling eco-fire alarms in the school hallways keep causing more jet travel to conferences thus an over all increase yet again even 2 parts per 2,499 parts is nothing and is always recycled never making blankets, if you have one please send to me as I will donate to the homeless this winter so they stay warm with less than a pin prick of air since all the these idiots are telling us that we can stay warm with carbon air particles that are not even attached to each other as these twits avoid learning physics in lieu of attention schemes to get your energy."

This page intentionally left blank free of wind industry blinking blight

This page intentionally left blank free of wind industry blinking blight

don't look down

This page intentionally left blank free of wind industry blinking blight

don't look down

This page intentionally left blank free of wind industry blinking blight

don't look down

This page intentionally left blank free of wind industry blinking blight

nothing to see there

This page intentionally left blank free of wind industry blinking blight

ignore the wind farms in the room

This page intentionally left blank free of wind industry blinking blight

what's that sucking sound

regressive renewables are at this end
The moving image world will always be powered with clean reliable renewable coal, petroleum, nuclear, and natural gasses as if we did not use these all film making and streaming would come to an end, everyone in the industry knows that and if they don't they are living in lalaland.

It's time to bury the fantasy called wind and solar as they waste energy, draw power from the grid, wreck our landscapes, all being 100% dependent on fossil fuels and cause global warming. Sorry to be the completely insignificant carbon air bubble particle to burst your unicorn bubble you keep floating in.

Even Michael Moore figured this out saying he and director of his ealry movies were shocked to find how inextricably entangled alternative energy is with coal and natural gas, since they say everything from wind turbines to electric car charging stations are tethered to the grid. Then I find out myself that these wind farms burn up energy from other wind farms and solar farms!

Who knew? I've known some of this for many years. So have others. Learning they dump energy on themselves was a shock. It's perverted. Wind farms should seek help.

Certainly the cons in the industry know all these things about fossil fuel dependent renewables, and now they want more view destructive fossil fuel burning wind farms because you pay for them and it makes them filthy rich as we gleefully transfer our assets to theirs to "save the planet" while they all live like rock stars. After all they deserve their wealth while making us poor now don't they?

Of course we can't mention Michael Moore without pointing out that he will be making energy off making yet another movie this time about these industrialists "solutions" to climate change while all functions of distributing and viewing such "films" are all dependent on fossil fuel energies while in his new film he seems to want the rest of us to live in the stone age to save Earth from the things that make movies and seems to be on an endless tirade of bashing Caucasion men who voted for Trump as if that's not sexist and racist in itself. Seems he cares more about that fantasy of saving Earth from nothing than he cares about you and I though that would be typical of most everyone who's got money these daze in our capitalistic world that takes after squirrels while the socialists claim they aren't squirrely. I find these common rants rather existentially disingenuous.

When are all these elitist hoarders including him going to start buying homes for the homeless we all keep tripping over with their energy all created from the burning of fossil fuels of which there are no fossils? Never before in the history of the world has there been so much wealth alongside so much poverty. Even in the early days of the United States pretty much EVERYONE had a home including those enslaved. In the Roman Empire the poor built themselves shacks and the masters provided for the slaves of that time. 3rd world countries also have few homeless most are shackfull. In America start building a shack government tears it down. Cities do not even allow "granny shacks" to be fully built to code in back yards in rich elitist neighborhoods like in Washington State which enjoys the fruits of computer industry wealth. NIMBY.

Speaking of Rome, moving image industries often do what Romans do. Romans were slave holders like Robert E. Lee, George Washington, and other evil white men who protected the world from the real evils of moviemaking.

No saying that is not racist yes it is.

Today so many are enslaved to corporations and energy and hundreds of thousands of people do not even have a home. When you have a home and miss your servitude they grab everything you gave to it back. What is wrong with this motion picture.

The movie industry is so weird. For decades it was the "rebel". It did things in your face. Sex taboos were challenged. Smoking was the norm and no big deal and in your face. Now the industry became the yucky televangelist preacher. It's now the purifier. It's become a Puritan. They are even passing around the plate and 'tracts' on how to stay safe from evil and redemption is the new black. It's like watching Jerry Falwell converting them to Christian Fundamentalists. Don't even say certain words or you are stoned to death by their socialites. How did this happen?

Ricky Gervalis was a breath of fresh carbon dioxide.

movies in theaters & flowing in streams


The last woman beekeeper has to deal with a threat to her natural honey farming methods when Nomadics move in next door. Highly rated. Wholesome. Fantastic.

I think it shows the problem that would occur as nomadic followers of certain movie makers would move in next door as they used fossil fuels to make movies about how we need to stop using fossil fuels.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Unfortunately in the preview we see some of the worst shaky cam effect. At first glance there's a scene where the camera is perfect steady set in place when shooting happens. Then another shooting with flame throw camera is nervous. That is EXACTLY what gets presented. Instead of a strong stance feel of the soldier, we get the feeling there are a bunch of nervous nellies involved in the action. And that's only into the preview 34 seconds. But the rest of it is steady and some fantastic filming amdist the theme of 1969 movie star who's gone past his prime. "Sharon Tate" appears in it looking for a role in movies. This could be a lot of fun flipping back the pages or discovering life as it was in fantasy movie making land before iMovies were invented, injoyed, and made by everyone.

The Farewell

Based on a true lie the grandma is about to pass but before she does the family plans a wedding get together. The use of TRIPODS looks extensive in this film I could not find one single shake of the camera in the entire preview NOT ONE. FAN-TAS-TIC.

Uncle Bob

is about the life and death of the famous naked streaker who in 1974 ran across the stage during a live broadcast of a famous Hollywood awards show. It was a fad in the 1970's and if you have never seen this happen it's something you shud c and it's well presented in this film along with a collage of things artistic expressatives. It explores the life of this man named Robert Opal who was a photographer  and artist. This amazing individual had a gallery in San Francisco and featured Robert Maplethorp's works and Tom Of Finland in his gallery before they were famous. I spotted this film playing on the Film Rise stream.

Stuber opened July 12

I won't go see it because as can be seen in preview too much Blair Witch cam. It shakes even when filming simple view from hood looking at the two characters sitting inside the car which I think is stupid. Camera should be fixed. There is enough "action" already there is no need for ALL THIS SHAKE ALL THE TIME IN EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE IN FILM it's like film making now is being done by Michael J. Fox while he's on a turnip truck during a California 7.1 earthquake.

Stuber flops. Big surprise (said sarcastically). It's no wonder, it preaches the garbage concept of toxic masculinity. People don't want to hear that crap. Hope you listened to my review and saw something else.


I think politics should more or less stay out of film making so I stay out of Cannes because they seem to celebrate movies that are made by those who suffer from TDS movies made by those who suffer from this condition always suffer

A good film is about shifting landscapes like those that are populated and suffer from upheavals both by Mom and Dad Earth as well as those caused by financial forces. This one called "The Last Black Man In San Francisco" seems to portray this collage nicely

This is green energy

These are old windmills that grind grain. They are energy efficient as they are not connected to the grid. They grind grain directly due to wind energy and produce zero emissions. 

This is dark energyy


They are inextricably tied to fossil fuels to function and be built. They they emit carbon emissions during manufacture and during use.They are inextricably tied to fossil fuels to function and be built. They they emit carbon emissions during manufacture and during use.

They kill birds and add no usable energy to the grid.

They are like movie props to present an illusion. Props should not take over landscapes and use your money to give you an illusion that they are:

1) saving the planet from something that doesn't exist as a threat i.e. air blankets that can't keep you or Earth warm at night

2) save you and everyone money over time because in reality behind the scenes they make industrialists rich while making you pay for them in taxes and higher electricity bills

3) producing usable energy when they are producing harmonics, draw energy from the grid, are 100% dependent on fossil fuels

Windmills made today are like politicians made today, they all are lying to you presenting illusions. They may be entertaining to see but they are not saving the planet from anything, just making things worse in all forms of reality.

They ravage 750 times the land as an efficient power plant does.

Alternative energy is like a song and dance to get your energy.

How did we get to believe in the illusion of clean energy?

Moving images. Moving images are masters at presenting illusions. Al Gore mastered this art of clean energy hustles.

Singing the tune of this clean energy hustle more enjoyably than anyone is Elton John who lifes like a rock star lavishly spending and emassing so much carbon based energy wealth while he fly's on his fossil fuel jets singing the gospel of you doing without and getting tested for wealth while he continues to do with more.


Warming is now locked in place like your gym locker

Some rich bore that wants more tells us that his prediction from 2006 is true, that world will still end if we don't bla bla bla selling his wares yap yapblink all night long for serenity

Then we read this
(we better pay attention):

The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulate at Bergen Norway.

Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone.

Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes.

Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the Gulf Stream still very warm.

Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelt which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.

Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.

* * *

view it here to open in browser

* * * * * *

I must apologize.

I neglected to mention that this report was from about 100 years ago on November 2, 1922. As reported by the AP and published in The Washington Post - 97 years ago it was reported that climate change was going to kill us all 97 years ago 97years ago hello sold papers..

It was an article from November 1922 page 589 ROFLIt was an article from November 1922 page 589 ROFL
view it here to open in browser
(downloads file into your download folder)

posted by John (MAGAnum) from the Department of Redundancy Department

The explorer made his observations from the period of 1868 to 1917. A map was made showing the end of the world. Take note how small the arctic really is in this dimensional map that does not make arctic areas look 7 billion times bigger than they are in places other than imaginations that are used to sell us fantasies for our entertainment. Ice at the poles is minimal and when frozen expands so it's already displaced, melt it and it does nothing. Melt what's above ground that does nothing but entertain us like watching ants build new civilizations and then being told by the climate alarmists that they are a threat to national security and thus we need to be vaccinated against ants.
1922 weather map presents short time frame for humanity

Apparently we are to believe we can fix this melting "problem" caused by fossil fules with wind energy tied to fossil fuels which burn energy made by solar and wind farms producing it in excess and caused the problem that started back in the 1800's which was a time that fossil fuels pretty much did not exist. To solve this problem that fossil fuels that did not exist created we will use hundreds of thousands of computers made from fossilfuels and fossil fuel energy to power them 24/7 using computers to make billions and trillions upon zillions of quadillions of calculations to save us all while CLIMATE/CONS make gobs of money all formed byfuels and fossil fuel energy to power them 24/7 using computers to make billions and trillions upon zillions of quadillions of calculations to save us all while CLIMATE/CONS make gobs of money all formed by fossil fuels that they use to live like rock stars that become kings and queens and popes that all rely on the energy of fossil fuels and others to be who they are as they cause climate change and then we will of course vote for them to fix the problem that was caused by fossil fuels that did not exist because we keep watching their movies.

go on your own expedition
BringBack THE HUNT

Those people that are always pushing that free speech thing hunted down that "The Hunt" movie using their AK-43234599's.

They're always complaining that Christmas is being hunted down, cake making is being hunted down & they can't speak freely online and search is biased as if they are not then they freely speak about censoring free movie speech and they complain that "snowflakes" are constantly being offended and that they all should toughen up.


ugly wind farm that is 100% dependent on using fossil fuel

Flowers rarely bloom beneath the towering windmills above Palm Springs in the desert yet when they do it is quite a sight beneath these view monsters that block pristine landscape views, destroy property values, waste energy, and drive people who live by them insane with eerie noises and cast ominous disturbing flickering massive moving spinning disorienting shadows.

I bet you don't know they are 100% dependent on fossil fuels and use it regularly.

These particular ones as seen in the movie below are located in a windy area and when the winds are too strong, they put the brakes on stopping them from spinning so fast the turbine would explode. They are very complex and require a lot of energy to maintain. They may be facinating to look at as pieces of towering machinery that present lofty dreams of a clean environment but they are far far from that image that is presented.

Recent California rains have made opportunity to create movies showing the rare flowering beauty at the base of windmills in the California deserts.

These fantastic towering masterpieces intrigue many with promises of a cleaner renewable future that are about as reliable as promises coming from politicians. Notice in the movie the dust storm further out it's composed mostly of hot air and carbon dioxide expelled constantly by those who are promoting soilent green energy.

Did you know that they actually
draw power from the grid?

They draw power when the wind blows and when it doesn't 24/7.

To view this movie hit the ugly turbine with your mouse, not on the gorgeous flower fields or dead birds below that aren't yet eaten by coyotes leaving no trace that they were massacred by these cute pinwheels and click there not on the bird graves below. Perspecively speaking, if you look closely at the very center of this pinwheel looking device you sometimes can see a man as it's so large it can fit a man standing up inside of it.

Windmills are energy producing mechanisms that draw energy from the grid as they have to keep the parts moving or they freeze up. The propellers are forced to spin at times. This uses energy, fossil fuel based energy.

As parts wear they make noise.

They hardly produce any energy as often the wind does not blow.

They are forcibly braked when wind is to strong so it can be a windy day and they are not producing any energy instead USING IT. It takes electricity that is drawn from all the other power generation sources that use fossil fuels to brake these things at times when the wind is strong.

That's why these blow.

So why are they not spinning on a windy day?

On 7/28/2019 I witnessed this section of turbines with only one of them working, out of a total row of 9 turbines only one was spinning. Notice the others are turned in a different direction, sideways and the brush moving from the wind. These turbines USE ELECTRICITY from the grid to rotate these massive blades by using electric motors and hydraulics. The grid is powered by fossil fuels. Wind energy uses fossil fuels.

The claims made on how many homes are powered are exaggerated.

They make industrialists rich, drain tax bases, and
eat birds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that as part of their regular diet.

It is a non-environmentally friendly system yet they are promoted by government leaders who basically get their information by those who are selling them for profit.

All those who profit making gobs of money off these things live elsewhere, the windmills are never in their back yards because these things SUCK.

While at the base I noticed how some living birds that escaped the massive blades were busy eating mosquitoes thus saving us from having to use industrial solutions.

It's the cycle of spin.

Yes, again, the question is asked, why are we using pesticides to kill bird food? Experts who all make money from these mechanisms tell us "to kill viruses they carry from other sides of the planet, they are vectors" yet this makes no sense as viruses also have natural predators. Windmills have no predators.

We don't need to keep poisoning our planet to fix things and we don't need more energy sources which to make them require more energy and disruption of our planet to "fix things" as our world has become an endless industrialization that is repeatedly fixing what needs to be fixed by destroying the planet, unless of course you want to keep all that money flowing into all these investors systems that are making it so they can all be rich so they can waste gobs of energy with their mansions, boats, cars, and energy wasting lifestyles while the streets keep getting filled with homeless, dead birds, and no natural bird food for the survivors to eat..******

What kind of planet does that create?

Wind farms employ technicians who maintain and repairs these things, who go high up to the top and replaces the brakes that keeps the blades from spinning too fast, repair all the electronics, lubricates parts, and adds gallons of oil for lubrication.

Speaking with one of them the person stated how they draw power with huge motors to spin the blades using electricity that is manufactured in fossil fuel power plants and rotate the entire top unit 360 degrees to face the wind or position it sideways.

You can see these blades spinning and they are sometimes being powered by fossil fuels, not the wind.

Wind farms rely 100% on fossil fuels.

So before yet another sleazy salesman trying to get your community to fall for the false promises of a cleaner future or ill informed politician or green energy monster babble stuff to you about how wind energy is going to save the world ask them how much energy is used to keep them running and how many barrels of oil is used to lubricate all the moving parts and how little energy they actually produce which is like 17%* of what they claim, and how many mosquito eaters are massacred by wind energy** they won't give you an answer because they all live in the clouds and don't have a clue and ask them how well movie makers could function without reliable fossil fuels energy.

Imagine a day free of these view destructive monstrosities

I want them all recycled.

At minimum all setbacks need to be lengthened to 333 million miles preferably on the Sun.

 *never providing kilowatt HOURS of energy in their figures just maximum kilowatt if they were running day and night with endless wind at the exact speeds necessary. They only produce like 17% of what's claimed they can power like when they say "oooooo they can power 150,000 homes" sure a washer for an hour a month in 150,000 homes which of course then causes climate change anyway because the motors that are powered generate heat.

**these dead birds are often eaten by predators such as rats when they fall to the ground so they are not discovered by the agencies that try to track this bird holocaust

***insectivorous bats are being massacred by wind energy
one bat can eat between 500 and 1,000 mosquitoes and other insects in just one hour or about 6,000 per night



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