Find the biggest cause of climate change in this snowflake *

written on 10/4/2019 published 11/2/2019

Climate same is caused by CO2. Climate change is caused by water vapor movement. See spot run the hell away from climate cons that want to steal his dog food using subsidies.There are two known causes of climate change that most people are familiar with, one is carbon dioxide which comprises a total of 4/10,000ths WHICH is = 1 part per whopping 2500 parts of the entire atmosphere - in decimal form it's .0004th of the entire atmosphere, the other cause of climate change is mysterious but I am determined to find out what it is.

We all know CO2 is what causes climate change and we must do everything existentially to complain about it, blame presidents for it, and make the world spin the other direction to fix it. To pay my fair share I will start by taking off that carbon blanket off my body that's been keeping me warm that covers .0004th of it and caputure it and send it up to Uranus. It will never again cause climate change on Earth. If we all did this we could stop climate change in it's tracks.

Wait, what's that elephant in the rain sleet snow hail forest called water vapor doing here? Tell him he's not invited to the party. He is too big there's no room. He comprises up to 4% of the entire atmosphere which is easily spotted in 74% of this photo. It's amount changes a lot because of climate change which is the same thing as weather change.

Ah, we just figured out that that mystery cause was.

Water vapor causes climate change.

Water vapor is up to 4/100ths of the entire atmosphere or .04th of the entire atmosphere, not .0004th. It's produced not by factories but by evaporation of massive water sources covering Earth constantly changing climate. We haven't we been told this incessantly because it doesn't make you freak out and give sleasy climate pitchers your tax subsidy money to build giant fossil fuel electrically powered spinning pacifiers for you to suck on and feel good about energy.

Water vapor is 10,000% greater cause and quantiy than carbon dioxide.

See if you can find the carbon dioxide in this photo of the atmosphere. It's there presented in scale. It's total % mass is represented as a small pink dot. It represents what climate alarmists want you to believe has the power to affect climate changing it so much you have to hand over your vote, your money, your mind, your gasoline car, your current home, your friendships and family who try to tell you how nuts you are worshiping climate cons, your plastic tubes that save lives at the hospital, your petroleum based stiff upper lip-up paint, and your attention to garbage TV networks that all depend on cut cords that are still wrapped with plastic over wire, or you die of being buried in climate change bullshit.

Water vapor causes climate change more than CO2 causing climate change by 10,000% greater. Carbon tax schemes and puke green energy plans that vomit all over mother nature's bosom only make certain people rich and you and all tax payers who subsidize these schemes poorer while these renewable dark energy endeavors are putrifying lush serene open spaces with ugly disgusting dark energy wind farms and black solar panels that generate heat into the atmosphere. I thought they said repeatedly heat was the problem.

CO2 can be found if you look really hard for it in the picture of this environmental snowflake. CO2 is just air and as air is invisible but represented in proportion at .04% of this photo. It's a small 4/10,000ths of it pink dot. See it yet it's obvious just like how it's obvious climate change doom is a scam. It's like telling us an ant in the grass will take down Godzilla and also that elephant in the room when it goes into the house to refresh after a long day of listening to politicians puke all over us telling us we need more carbon based bug sprays.

The total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is really really hard to find except in the imagination as hucksters play movies in your minds and on the big screen conveniently making gobs of carbon based energy off it. It helps them in many ways to transfer your energy into their energy capture systems primarily stored in banks.

Find Carbonairdot

Did you find him yet? He wears pink. He's there in the pfoto.

Like Waldo he's a bit inconspicuous amongst all those massive multiple dots of climate changing water vapor but he's there and like Waldo not a threat.

A tiny pink dot does not have that much strength as politicians and movies do at convincing you that pink dots are powerful enough to cause you to vote for those who will keep channeling energy to their friends. That little pink dot does pack a powerful climate change stench though when it doesn't bath in the overwhelming amount of water around it, an amount that is 10,000% greater.

What climate hucksterist told you carbon dioxide was the big bad cause and not water?

Then there's that family of Godzillas in the atmosphere of gasses called Nitrogen, it's 79% of it all. That's almost the entire atmosphere not a mere .0004th of it. It too of course like CO2 is a climate changing gas subject to convection a little promoted principle that causes frigid space and radiant heat to move all these little atomic particles of air around so easily thus causing climate change. Oh my there's another cause of climate change heat and cold, well don't I feel stupid now. Well no not really. You might though. Or, you might have too big an ego to admit you have been fooled.

Then we see the elephant, Godzilla, and Noah's Ark in the room along with 40 days and 40 nights of climate change

In Godzilla and King Kong movies the one monster was able to be seen as an obvious threat bigger than the people. It's pretty hard to find CO2 up there. It's easier to see water vapor. Water vapor is Godzilla and friends. CO2 is a movie ticket stub. There is so little carbon dioxide in the entire atmosphere it's not even worth mentioning except by sleasy sales theys and those who insist they cannot be fooled yet have been had like many a politician that babbles all day. I am sure their masters are all laughing at how easily they have $cammed them. The ones that are not laughing need to be educated in carbon quantity change.

With climate change the monster of CO2 is so small even a mosquito has a hard time finding it. Not only that water vapor brings it back to Earth. Too bad many people can't be brought back down from their imaginary carbon blankets in the sky as they are too busy counting their footprints and charging for them at the carnival.

Alas, it appears you have been hadden by the King of Climate Cons as it uses all the energy you send it to live like a rock star and gets bigger and more ugly. Some day it will die of natural causes. We can then wrap that monster in a blanket of convection changing air that keeps nothing warm and bury the lie.

Earth isn't even a green house.


The End
of Climate Change Lies & Cults & Cons & $cam$



copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski


* it may turn everything you think you know about environment change upsidewaysinsideoverandout and insert it all in the coin laundry and press STOP the climate con game