proof the internet does matter

and use a microphone and a decent camera when you netcast

Malware in chief mocked by logical Russian president in zooooom call

Existential growth is a threat to non existence

Raise your hand if you hate movies that start with THE/END

UK police apparently were concerned that the Achilles statue's heel would get cold&fluvid

Masked vice malware bozo laughs her fake hided face off about 2 million women people losing jobs and what's with all this sign language crap now we have closed captioning did that malware in chief remove closed captioning 'for our health'?


Movie about homeless in Echo park
is not drowning in music, is overflowing with steady cam, provides unique visual references, and does not bore us with interviews.

in this whisle blowing style interview by a CEO of a biomedical company Kevin McKernan and Bobby Malhotra present their data regarding the garbage 'covid' tests that led the world into dystopian world we are now in. there is a problem with hearing the 'virtual' guest they show on a laptop computer sitting on the desk. another porblem is the guest often looks away to the side, that gives an impression of disinterest, avoid that! always make sure your volumes are correct and try to do something effective to handle echoing

A lovely prayer for humanity at church with Blair Witch filming technique like it's 1999

someone needs to make an app
that eliminates all worthless intros just start your movie don't put intros in they are a pain in the you know here is all you need in an intro and notice in this example where Italian doctors test fruit which is all found to contain THE/CO/VID thus science tells us to just eat fumigated wax fruit now 'for our health' which they will make mandatory and hold you hostage if you don't comply which should be a resolution for the new year for anyone that makes movies with intros more than one second long

Make Orwell FICTION Again - MOFA

Great theatrical performance in the streets UNFORTUNATELY filmed the wrong way

danger is inverted if humanity cannot film correctly the planet is doomed to go in circles
by Robin Benedict: December 16, 2020 at Dundas Square

here they did it right in Toronto and this is an up close segment

this one is tolerable

this one about 5G and how it affects the Great Oceanic Garbage Patch only has 1/2 of an intro, meaning what he did was start his movie immediately and just suimperomposed his domain name at the beginning with added them music, that was bravo!

this guy did a nice STABLE tripod based imagery movie with nice outdoor views with great lighting as he presents his thoughts on the fake pandemic, starting off with merely a short apology for the wind noise problem, nothing else, no long stupid intro,  this was great, he talks about 5G which David Crowe stated he sees no problem with such technology that is likely being misinterpreted like testing for fake 'covid'

this guy talks about not need to use water preservers and starts his video off both with and without an intro, take a look at this unique way and COPY this style!


the only thing that matters in this world is puppies in the snow

24 seconds was all that was needed to present this documentary and it said more than the 99.9998% recovery rates say in many of them and we were not drowned in music

when you make podcasts it can be very helpful to show the current date for example on the new at home pesentation by David Knight he should have something sitting on the desk with today's date on it as often people find your show in other places that do not tell them what date it was created

in podcasting it's important to present that you are ENGAGED not to your husband to your audience, if you are in a podcast and have a caller speaking to you don't turn away from the camera to get a drink of water and keep looking elsewhere over there and in space,  LOOK AT THE CAMERA as if you are very interested in the caller's converstaion other wise it looks like this

the great fantastical magical staged flu hoax

She exclaims "Take your masks off they don't work" in the 'mask off' protest in a mall where security tries to contain these viruses that do not exist IN THE AIR anywhere. People then started singing Star Spangled Banner. It became a scuffle all because of not wearing a mask that deprives human beings in a 'free country' oxygen.

CoVID comes clean
"I'm the same old COLD VIRUS IN DISGUISE"

and as expected now the medical science fiction cons claim it's mutated - everyone must panic - NO - don't panic it's more lies mutations get weaker and weaker

and weaker while TV bull shit gets stronger, the stronger they yell the more shit they are throwing like children throwing their toys in a temper tantrum

Beware the modern media lying disinformation super spreaders they are diseased

Virus hunting is ancient technology like cave men using wheels to traverse the oceans, Sofia Smallstorm talks newer concept both proven and theory regarding health & healing especially touching on how bacteria, fungus, virus is not to be feared from the outside 'attacking' us as they are already constanly internal and work to make us well or at least they attempt to make us better and most often these materials do their job if we let them

Sofia Smallstorm offers a 'usless  placebo' mask that is breathable

The fraudnificentci 'America's Favorite' con man dorcor of bad health policy and Holocausts In Virology published in 2008 that bacteria from wearing masks worsened Spanish Flu in 1919 - 1918. The concept is so basic even kids in grade school don't wear masks more than one night of the year but then all the adults lost their minds. The fraudster then in early 2K20 stated no one should wear medical masks to prevent viruses, then later said people has to wear masks for 'protection' and his side kick said they work better than vaccines. Bacteria breeders do nothing to prevent viruses from being expelled or inhaled and the virus do not exist in the air anyway. How much longer will humanity trust these fraudsters that keep contradicting themselves?

As wemanity keeps doing as tolld by psychos in chemical pushing lab rat coats, don't take more than 2 milli-seconds to consider and meditate that the entire concept of routine and constant hyper pro-obsessive neurotic sterilization of environments we live in is like dumping enough pesticides in the ocean to kill all the covid-02 that makes it's way there in the sea as a method for re-establishing it's 'health', which of course will kill it.

The Cult of Zero Tolerance and the psychos behind it

They are so afraid of 'the virus' they get right in your face about it to force you to wear a mask so they are 'protected' - there is no logic

At Christmas in Dublin Ireland the investigator got the public health authorities admit there are no records of SARS-cov-2 proven to 'exist'

Guy drives by tent businesses in California while the other side of street countless brick and stuckko ones are boarded up 'for your health' mabye they are expecting The Big One and getting as many people out of buildings as possible ahead of time wow it's so great how leaders are only thinking of the people and not their Napa Valley wineries and private jets

be mezmerized by COVID-19 it will take you to places Disneyland could not even imagine

Religious rights victory from SCOTUS for Catholic preist, Orthodox Jewish rabbi, and all of us as these illegal restrictions on churches fall

 Victory for California Catholic preist prohibiting any COVID-19 restrictions enforcement thus allowing normal worship services again without being terrorized by government

Read the latest on the court case stopping California governor endless emergency orders that are causing so much harm to so many people by and be sure to


Actually the face mask wearers are more of a health danger to others as these masks collect bacteria that then grows and is spewed out at others from the sides into the air, it's healthier

projectors are always so loudly claiming someone else is doing what they are doing covertly

the rich and filthy think mutilated baby body parts in face cream is funny Oprah and Bullock have put it on their face while audiences hosts like Ellen laugh about it and prioritize saving chickens that will be dinner for people or a treat for foxes now roaming the free range over calling for an end to this horror routinely performed on children by lying medical societies and odd religions I mean like what person would even think of doing this to a child it is sick watch

Tom Cruise caught ranting and raging at people on the set to save his 'essential' film while restaurants that do real work feeding human beings for their health get shut down as 'health' dodos allege monsters are floatin everywhere, the public is getting tired of self absorbed Hollywood actors that are multi millionaires and all the whiners like Cher and others in their endless temper tantrums as they have everything delivered to their estates while others suffer under the oppression of their ego manias

Pelosi the wicked witch of the west latest power psycho trip demands all Congress members wear innefective at stopping any virus face masks while in the chambers and speaking and if the member does not wear the mask they will 'not be recognized' by this Supreme Demonic Rat all this wasted energy coming from the political party that preaches the gospel of saving energy they are so full of shit, when the Republicans run the House they should mandate everyone have ball gags in or they won't be allowed to speak, are the Democrats all drug addicts or what Pelosi is not acting like a human being

Kevin J. Johnston in Calgary Canada sues grocery store for $35,000 over bullshit mask requirements he also tries to buy fitness equipment for almost $5,000 and refused entry because he won't wear an inneffective mask yet has an exemption he discusses by laws and the lunacy in frustration

Fauci is a performance artist

other farts have been shown to spread COV/AIDS so Allies of Science is spreading the word that butt plugs must be worn along with masks to stop the spread of word farts

Allies of Science use real science to base their recommendation that everyone be required to wear butt plugs and be checked for them before enetering any business

Finding DNA fragments which is what fake HIV and CORONA testing does and is the basis for creating an endless supply of meaningless 'cases' is like finding a half eaten salad on the beach and claiming the beach is infected by a landfill underneath

mass testing in UK abandoned ship


nurse gets vaccine dies later

Sandra Lindsay sitting in front of backdrop that has Northwell Health silkscreened on it claims she received COVID/VACCINE and feels great, if you watched the committee hearing for FDA consideration of approval of Pfizer vax you know this is not a final approval for a real vaccine it is a trial and that there are placebos and she nor the public knows if she got a placebo of saline solution or 'the real thing'

Who are these fucking retards in corrupt 'health' departments directing fake 'for your health' initiatives that violate the foundations of science they are not acting on any form of logic what so ever in their insane virus hunt project they should all be FIRED and made to get jobs as waiters TAKING ORDERS rather than giving them their tactics would be better serving the public if they'd just go into the forest and hunting for the Blair Witch 2020 Project archives under a rock somewhere and video tape the witch when they find it as it might have COV/AIDS then give that witch a shot of those dangerous vaccines that are instead of being tested on lab rats they are doing it with humans and doing it with drunken camera motion as all their neurosis is already making everyone sick anyway in this failed episode the California lunatic Governor's health secretary admits the decistion to ban outdoor dining has nothing to do with good science or safety it's a tool to keep people at home while they let all the big corporate stores stay open claiming it's to 'stop the spread' which is 100% bogus bullshit nothing stops viruses any more than government can stop dust and viruses virtually are no where to be found WHERE IS THE TEST FOR THEM IN THE FUCKING AIR these people are so full of shit and he talks about masking is needed yet it does nothing to stop any virus these people are insane swamp creatures get these people out of there and restore our society to normal not bullshit fake insane abnormal lunacy only 2 people died of COV/AIDS in BC outside of nursing care homes on one day



one of the 'health' reps had a Freudian slip stating 'we haven't infected enough of the population'

Studends are failing to enroll in universities that have corona vaccine mandate policies they are not stupid enough to waste their money or time at learning institutions that get their data from fake news and the fake medicalists thus professors are losing jobs and they say NO/MORE act clean bill only as Democrats refuse to govern in balance

There is no 'great reset' there is only 'press pause' the term RESET is being used as yet another of many marketing schemes and is merely another con game

there will be no more pointing guns at childrens heads

Nurse unloads on stupid people pointing out every illness is being called COVID-19 and PCR is worthless

try not to get VD {Vaccine Delusion}

smug liberals on fake network news channels reminds that vaccine will not stop anything, will not make life normal for another 666 years and that face masks that don't stop any virus will still be necessary, what the fuck is wrong with these lying con$

many of the Spanish Flu 1918 - 1919 photos showing workers wearing masks are photoshopped in 2020 to feed the HOAX19 fake threat fire, take notice of the worker of 3 in the middle in this image you can see her face through the fake mask this is all photoshopped masking the public lasted a mere 45 days back then as the public was not as stupid as it is today

are we in an abusive relation ship with our government? in a way that would mean we are doing it to ourselves and should stop beating ourselves up and torturing ourselves especially over what rude unicorns might be throwing at us

ifucan make a movie about it can be drama or comedy or action it's already horror as we are told 'we are all in this together' as if we are on the Titanic heading for 666.666 thousand 6 foot distanced icebergs that displace water as we all know when water freezes it expands thus when it melts there is no rising sea levels and as we are locked down in our cabins we know we are doomed and look out the port holes where were told we are 'safe' and notice the officials of the ship we are trapped on are already floating away on lifeboats and then we hear scraping sounds and the artificial intelligence app tells us that everything is under control

if you can make a movie out side to be safe as every 'virus' threat would drop to the ground at 5.999 feet, use a wind screen, notice how much better this movie is to watch merely from it being outside in a nice place to be, another thing that makes this movie good is that the dude is playing with rocks that fell out of most politicians and health authoritarian heads and notice how you don't even care what he says so the script can be adlib as much as you want if the view is better than a bedroom

pandemic rights

they climate cultists keep delusioning themselves with fake clean energy thinking now they can eliminate steam engines that rely on coal. ships use these forms of power to efficiently cross oceans without relying on wind energy that was used by Christopher Columbus not indiginous people to sail the ocean blu

soda pop in Austria tests positive for 'covid' looks like they will need to destroy the world's supply of cola now, or, here's a thought, throw out the FAKE/TESTS that do not find any virus as they are all lying to you about viruses and stop all this retarded response to soap

how did we get here

why did polio epidemics start in late summer early fall? could it be not viral at all but rather pesticidal? think about that late summer and early fall would be when in the USA the maximum exposure to crop pesticides. watch the presentation about how the fear of polio made the public once again ready to do any thing to 'stomp out that virus' when it is said had a non-viral cause. breast fed were not getting polio. breast milk contains stem cells. a certain protein can be a cancer annhilator if 90% 6 months breast fed save $13 billion and 911 preventable deaths. did removing tonsils have a play? white bleached sugar? watch

DDT was everywhere in the home painted on walls embedded in wallpaper. children were fumigated with DDT while swimming and eating lunch at school. we are being fumigated now at stores, doctors offices, everywhere. business is told it needs to spray cleaners that include PESTICIDES every hour all over the place to 'kill the virus'. They were told to take 3 doses of vaccine for polio which had 'live virus' grown on monkey kidney cells. FDR did not have polio. Respiratory intensive care was prevalent in polio 'epidemic'. IV vitamin C was used in 1940's to reverse it successfully. I'ts more complicated than simply saying a virus did it.

reference: book

Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History

by Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk

To learn more about the foundations that brought the insanity that is attemptiing to build the world as an upside down pyramid watch

1986 The Act tries to explain
click on image to view trailer or view full movie here


Today's feature movie
Wearing A Face Mask In A Bank
Strandoffate Entertaiment on the so called essential business of movies


public places being gassed and businesses destroyed and it appears to be coming from the medical establishment


nurse talks with David Icke about fake pandemic hysterical decisions causing immune system problems for elderly nursing home patients the whole thing is based on an entirely false premise








corrupt news networks led you on legislators changed the rules so they could build as many plantations they want where ever they want making slaves out of every electric rate payer

Federal Judge rules Wolf/Levine Governor of Pennsylvania restrictions on the public unconstitutional

Judge William Stickman declares: "The constitution cannot accept the concept of a 'new normal' where the basic liberties of the people can be subordinated to open-ended emergency mitigation measures"

update on CDC stats on Corona Virus Deaths (CVD) shows that the fake pan demic was just the cold and flu when we run the numbers which is something that the sludge channels run the numbers using an abacus that a monkey used so you are well informed - start at 6 minutes in


The Fat Lady Sang At The Council Meeting

FACE/IT masked lives matter

The Crapper Bandit
they do this in your home every time you turn on TV
"It's a movie, you're in it"

Carbonate your world
it's melanist free

Cancel culture would not exist if you met them in person

The Fridge Is A Lie

VAXXED II: The People's Truth trailer

in the works

"The Retard Virus"
it more common then the common corona cold and causes people to be stupid


Modern medicine is derived from petroleum, it is the alternative

Pelosi plans to install herself as President which is on par with updating Windows 10 using a calculator from 1976

because of this insane war on the invisible you still after 6.66 months can't even see a movie in a theater in HOLLYWOOD the movie capital of the world but as I predicted you can see a good one now at a DRIVE-IN in Paramount as long as you cover your entire car in a mask and even though viruses go right through fabric and condoms California medical and political cons will mandate it "for your health" while San Francisco gets caught with it's pants down fucking over everyone as public official gyms are kept open while they keep your gyms and saunas closed and even firefighters get to use 24 hour fitness whilie still excluding the public though the fitness industry is now suing the pants off these dictators that are flushing the US constitution and not upholding their oath to defend against enemies both visible and invisible and they say to be safe wait un-till after the election 666 millinniums from now as they will not even allow kids to learn or trick or treat and distance you from all humans and limit assembly and make you sign in to go to church and provide a dick shot and track and trace everything you do and say and associate as they hunt for the invisible using nuclear chemical weapons of mass blood cell destruction it's like watching Elmer Fudd neurotically high on drugs and diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic delusional neurotic hoarder hunting in a rage to get the silly wabbit on a bet and his ego has to impress his friends so in his virus hunting guess what the blood cell forest does not look so good after he is finished this is what they did when they hunted Human Imaginary Virus and they are trying to do it again and again for massive profits as they hunt the cold virus and name it Fluzilla-19

so this guy walks into a bar and wears mask and uses a testing device to see how much carbon dioxide builds up that he is forced to breathe back in because of wearing a silly stupid ineffective mask that DOES NOT PROTECT ANYONE FROM VIRUSES

silly wabbit tricks on you as these don't protect anyone

so with the mask on it read CO2 levels at almost 3000 ppm which is almost 8 times what is in the air that Califorina cons in environment get all bent out of shape about if it was 800 in the atmosphere

in that scenario it's about atmospheric carbon creating fake blankets in the sky fake trapping heat which is impossible as it's movable air and in the amount of 1 particle to 2499 other particles and can't do anything

but with this scenario of CO2 building up that gets breathed back into the human body it creates DANGEROUS LEVELS OF CARBON DIOXIDE that you then force yourself to take back in and well like duh you could suffocate

let's compare numbers the cons in fake clean energy say atmosphere has 400 ppm (which is an accurate figure) that could double to 800 and be "catastrophic" causing thermometers to break apart and humanity to die

of course all that is bullshit

in another test with a different mask more typical fabric type the sensor went up to 5000!!!

if this was happening in your house you would abandon ship

all these people that are pushing their fear agendas are lying

there is no threat

it was the flu, seasonal flu, there is no new disease and flu is a complex condition of the body with multiple causitive factors that is not caught

what they want is to force fake testing or you can't work and vaccinations on the entire world every year or 2x a year for massive PROFIT

they don't care about your health only you can do that

the whole shut down event is a scam orchestrated by opportunists

look at all the disinfectant they sold every public space on the planet to "kill the virus" which is a fraud as viruses are not living things, their chemical sales soared 666 million per cent



Another way to fake an injection

We have seen the prop syringes that allow the fake 'needle' to simply retract to within the syringe, but here's another take, the needle here is bent just far enough backward so as nt to be too noticible how much so in the camera. As we see in this presentation of fakery of Canadian Prime Minister fake 'getting his shot' it's actually laying on the back of the arm and the water in the syringe is pushed behind where the camera does not see it.

David Crowe and Virstyne Henry speak in May 2020 about the panic

This is the way to film if you are going to broadcast on the internet your views, stories, opinions. Black background with border, and your names right there seen constantly with your website locations. You also might at times consider instead of walking and filming yourself, you might do what this guy did as seen below. Show some beautiful countryside or other interesting backgrounds instead of your face. It's just that sometimes we do not need to see you talking as it can be a distraction. Notice the two different styles and consider and play with what works best. Be sure to click on the above image to see the great interview on the corona crisis that was presented in 2020 at the start of the panicdemic. Sadly David Crowe passed away in July and it was great that Virstyne was able to do this interview. It presented a fantastic analysis and consideration as to how to look at where this whole thing will end up going. This interview helps us understand much better the science of viruses and the misunderstandings. David Crowe also headed the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society.


This other technique in interview is good

Presentation with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi the cam on him is straight on, from his computer cam, then the cam on interviewer Taylor Hudak is from the side showing her talking to him through her computer. Sound is great quality and this is imperative. Dr. Sucharit in this interview brings up a good example of what is totally wrong with so called 'testing' for 'the virus' and uses an example of breathalyzer for alcohol. It would have been good for the interviewer to also ask and emhasize that there is no breathalyzer for virus and there is a reason for that, there is no virus in the breath. Also of note, the interviewer surprised the interviewee in quoting from his book, he did not expect that she had studied his work that diligently. Always do that. It establishes more credibility and a more solid discussion for the viewer to consider. Later in the discussion Dr. Sucharit is asked about if the vaccines are killing people. Kevin P. Corbett also points out that problem with his letter notifying govering bodies of genocide. This would have been a good thing to have added to the discussion. It also would have been good to add at times a snapshot from behind the interviewer looking at the computer screen at Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi speaking. One more thing that would have been a good add, virus hunters are never quoted to speak to IRON/DEFICIENCY which may be the Godzilla in the room they ignore as they prefer to look at the pink elephants. Also look at this technique that does not show face.

What's wrong with dis pitsure

See if you can spot it. It's backward. 2 decades into a new millennium and we have backassward images. Kinda says a lot about society today.

NPR demons try to ruin An0maly

An0maly is the best! Calls out all the covid bullshit out big time and does what so few men do, GOES TO THE GOVERNING MEETINGS TO SPEAK PUBLICLY ON THE FRAUD.

Trump is a traitor he turned full force into being an ad for risky RNA experimentaion on human obviously for his wealth not our health I am glad we now have an Alzheimer's patient as president as that way when we hear him tell us to do things we know are stupid we know it's because of his declining mental capacity

Southern California desert at Palm Springs was free of wind turbines in 1980 and this film shows one lone turbine and how beautiful the views were before fake clean energy blew in and 39 years later we see  how horrible it looks now as the Lone Wind Ranger was buring up electricity all alone proving yet again that these systems draw power from grids based on fossil fuels by design. Here we see plans for 170 covering 49 square miles in Arizona. It's insane energy not sustainable at all and they are destroying the planet.

Another fakeass celebrity gets a fakeass vaccine shot using fakeass movie prop syringe to fakeass people out to get them to believe the fakeass fakedemic is real because you saw it right before your eyes. Then we have the very fake Kamala Harris as seen on TV getting the fake 'covid' shot using a fake MOVIE PROP syringe with FAKE COLLAPSABLE SYRINGE all of these shots on TV are FAKE. 

The medical illusions of viral paranosis are being exposed as others keep noticing all the tricks and sleight of hand being used during the fake healthidemic. No employer or corporation or school has any right to coerce, demand, or force injections of anything as a condition, it's your body your choice. Neither does any cruise ship nor any donut crisper.

Andrew Kaufman, MD presents the forensic analysis on viruses also watch short explain of isolating a thing such as a virus to prove it is real a thing that no one in virus hunting has done they just keep shooting everything in sight trying to hunt the invisible for profit.

Belgian 'health minister' of daily konvid prayer has no needle because it's another of many fake movie prop shots to fake you out and get you to stand in line to have your life back then they pull the football away just like Lucy did with Charlie Brown every time.

Watch the 2021 fake news awards hosted by James Corbett - watch Matt Hancock laugh his ass off over William Shakesphere getting the first fake vax stunt and commentary on many other fake news stories

The convid-19 'curve' is fakeass fake it does not exist it never existed. It is another illusion. All claims we need or needed to 'flatten the curve' are in error. WHO started the lie that there was A/CURVE? There is a movie named 'CURVE' maybe it has some clues. always has today's date and calendars ready and willing    WHAT WOULD THE WORLD BE LIKE IF VIRUSES WERE JUST DETERGENT? 


what if it is just soap?It was the kind of battle that could only start and finish in the imagination and as we learned the truth about viruses and science medical fiction story tellers.

Then during the panic we hear that Lysol and Pine-Sol kills it even though viruses are not alive. EPA says Pine-Sol "kills the virus" but it has to be sprayed on full strength and then rinsed off to "kill" that bio-illogical 19 thing even though not one virus is alive, they are soaps.

So wait a minute if we are using soap to kill soap why would we use soap to kill soap? OMG we have destroyed the world over soap hunting? If we are to believe any of these 'health' dicktatorships anymore then THEY NEED TO SHOW US THE VIRUS which is actually internal body wash lest it does not exist. There is no test for it in the most 'dangerous' place they claim it exists, the air, because IT DOES NOT EXIST.

THE/VIRUS is produced in your body

 You manufacture them. You don't catch them and die. You produce your own virus. We are all a VIRUS/SOAP factory. Our body knows how to handle soap that is used for cleansing out dirty blood cells.

"I produce my own virus. Every living creature produces its own virus. It is a protein only, not a living organism. The virus is produced by the body to digest toxic and diseased tissues for rapid disposal. If you eat sick snake flesh or bat, the digestive enzymes and juices will break down the Bat's proteins into Amino acids are absorbed by the body and convert from animal proteins to human proteins. The virus is the body soap for the sepsis of toxic and diseased tissues. The human body produces 300 viruses, each one acting on a specific tissue." - Doctor Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Are we waging war on INVISIBLE soap?

The true nature of viruses

Wear your invisible mask by Dr. Vernon Coleman

Sit your ass down says non-racist dude

What's so funny?

Quroraentine 19 elderly? video rant by An0maly

How rude. The elderly need love, hugs, support not thrown in a fucking hospital ward putrid chemical infused broom closet. The MEDI/CON$ suck our money. These rules are all psychotic control freak$ they do not care about the health of the elderly they care about billing. We all understand the basisics of health and that this process of fake detergent threats that travel by air do we not?

Salem Massachussettes virus hunt trials

They are locking down Halloween celebration 2020 in public as they accuse the air of being a witch.

Flu gone

In 2020 as we predicted at the start of the fakedemic flu would be cured by covid.

In reality of course the flu is now just named different.

No one is dying from any new virus

The hospitals billed more (due to CARES act passed by Congress in March 2020) listing deaths caused by heart attack, pneumonia, flu, lower chronic respiratory diseases, ARDS, cancer, hypertension, poisons, dementia, and body wearing out but they were all classified as caused by "the C-virus".

So what's the response by all public officials now as we learn there was never a 1st wave? They are all locking down again, telling us there's a 2nd wave coming even though there was never a 1st wave of anything but hype. Meanwhile Fauci and other$ have $mirk$ on their face$ as the poor get poorer and the middle class loses everything and going to the fitness club, if it's even open, is like walking into a putrid chemical smelling hospital where everyone wears surgical masks which do nothing to stop any virus nor do condoms according to the HHS Margaret Heckler who made it clear that the stretchy fabric mesh of condoms allow viruses to go right through like leaving a screen door open and expecting flies not to come in through the front door. That is how small detergent particles are slippery.

Even the deaths in the 1918 Spanish Flu "pandemic" was not caused by a virus the VAST MAJORITY was caused by bacterial pneumonia. BACTERIAL CAUSES are much more powerful than a single virus particle of detergent.

Carbon capture mechanisms

Carbon dioxide is recycled by nature automatically. We do not need to do anything. It does not get stuck. It is air. Rain, snow, fog, humidity, snow as well as the entire heating and cooling processes each night brings it back to Earth. Nature keeps it balanced. Bigger problem is getting air heads back to Earth, they are blocking the Sun.

Virus capture mechanisms

Virus accumulates in any face mask and is not all expelled, thus, all it takes is a few breaths to have more viruses come back in you. If you are trying to protect yourself from others who expell viruses in the air they still accumulate in the face mask (besides going right through the holes in the fabric) thus the accumulation of viruses in the mask will allow greater quantities to come back in as they dislodge with a stronger breath of inhalation. Who's stupid idea was this anyway? Better off using a plastic straw stuck up your nose for protection. Viruses are not the problem. You make them every day as part of your healing cleansing processes. Who told you different? Salespitches? Follow the money you will see.

Naming viruses is on par with naming snowflakes

There is an endless array of snowflakes, none match the other they are all unique. Same with viruses which are about 1 trillion zillion times smaller than an apple seed. The human body produces antibodies to any virus whatever the style, shape, name and handles it. Where does it go? In the toilet like all the other crap. The fundamental basis for which vaccination is built, inject the thing you don't really want into you (claimed to be so horribly dangerous) and let the body handle it, then there's antibodies left over to handle it again if it comes up again or is "transmitted" wirelessly. In all reality if it ever comes up without the vaccine, just let the body handle it. This is how we are created. Vaccination and the virus strain naming game is about money, big money, not so much your health as your body handles it, your body is the health mechanism. It's became glaringly obvious there's something off kilter when they shut down health clubs "for your health" when obsessive compulsive neurotic germ and virus causation theories have already been widely proven to be erroneous. There are many causes to disease and you don't catch disease you create it. Viruses are a cleansing mechanism. They are soap. You don't go to war with soap when it's making your laundry dirt free.

Panic started after ignoring the science

As found here how things got started in the UK and in Argentina's governing SHIT/SHOW they were requiring elderly to phone in a call center to get premission to leave home. If a virus was the cause of such horrors everyone would be suffering as nothing stops viruses they are like dust but 1000x lighter and go everywhere with the wind, air flow, and they are not living things. They are not the cause of disease.

My mask is invisible you can't see it but it is there

Just like your fake virus that is invisible and you have never proven is there "but it's there" the burden is on you to prove that my invisible mask is not there and that it cannot protect me. It protects me. I know it does I have many years of study as evidence. It works better than yours and it's bigger than yours.

Now here's a great story teller

Much better than wasting your live in front of TheTube

At least they isolated YOU

From Geoffrey Callaghan: If the Test works -- Why the False positives? If the Masks work - Why the Six Feet? If the Six Feet work - Why the Masks? If all Three work - Why the Lockdown? If all Four work - Why the vaccine? If the Vaccine is Safe - Why the No Liability Clause? If SARS-CoV-2 exists - Why has it not been isolated?

Ain't No Grave presents some unique and effective story telling techniques using moving images

ASSumptions are not good scientific analysis

Liz Wheeler perspective on cold and flu virus manipulative processes

Theater owner in London says lockdown made it so he cannot invest in electric cars yet the city had money to install bike lanes that are not used and create more problems with traffic which means cars will sit idle longer thus creating more pollution in ongoing insane save the world cult behaviors

Corbett says where he is in Japan they are not insane currently where as places like Los Angeles and New York are hell holes

'HOLLYWOOD' like sign erected on 405 freeway spelled out we are going

explain how zooming into a sunset makes the sun rise please

PLANdemic series movie creator Mikki Willis of California speaks about his exodus from far left over the cliff liberal mania this one was an interview boner

Today's case count increased a whopping 1,369,6969%

The errors in covid hunting is endless. Deaths from the new name for the flu is .0000000000000000000000000000001% of the cases. Cases are 4,600,00000,00,00,666,buttonmyshoe% exaggerated. Do the math there is no pandemic. It is fake. It is an illusion presented by hucksters and test pusher$. Tests do not find a specific virus at all. Viruses are soap. You need them for routine cleaning out of toxins using Dawn dish soap to deal with grease.

Did you know The Satanic Temple protects children from abuse?

Meanwhile hospitals and nursing homes WHO are supposed to really care for an elderly dying wonderful mom, dad, grandparent keep the loved ones shut out while the be-loved ones died ALONE in the fake flu HOLOCAUST thanks to the scam fear horror campaigns that lied about a 'new virus' that is supporting all the rich con artists in this coersion from big tech to proobsessive medical systems to politicians to portfolios around the world as people suffer horrible abusive oppression fueled by disingenuous lying medias and now the neurotic CA/GOV says his slaves can only eat food with mask off in-between bites of rations of soylent green energy where are the super heros when you need them to deal with evil forces like this

SEE/EXACTLY which part of the floor and feet your 'protective' masks come from made in sweaty SHOPs ewwwww

COVIGATE/CRIME against humanity


caught stating that face masks are POLITICAL/THEATRE

killing the fraud virus is now priority number .000001

Common household multi-purpose cleaner is now EPA approved to kill the non-living cold virus aka CO-vid19-SARS-n-QWERTY

Pine Cleaner Kills Illusions!?
ONE solution was found in effectively wiping out cell debris and other dirt

frauds are sometimes very difficult to kill

besides removing cell debris it also cleans a home fabulously and leaves a wonderful pine scent whenever you or your cleaning crew is busy killing dirt around the house or place of business

Centers for Delusion and Control says virus was never a threat in the fine invisible print


the active ingredient is glycolic acid 1.75% HOCH2CO2H is colorless and odorless and may form blankets in the sky that trap heat if we spend 8 billion zillion dollars or 1 bitcoin we might find that it can be used as insulation for homes, so now that we have the solution we can stop gassing the public and employee indoors while they work and whistle for help to get away from all the noxious chemical fumes?


Fauci's first frawd was pointed out decades ago as Kerry Mullis inventor of PCR technology used to 'find the virus' stated test 'results' are being routinely misinterpreted. In this interview he also presented in the interview how to stop AIDS which is very easy. At the time the world wasn't intere$ted as TV drowned out anyone with deep knowledge on what AIDS was and wasn't. So here we are today with new virus frawds looking back at AIDS: Fauci's first frawd as Kerry Mullis clues us in about these monsters in virus hunting.

Kerry Mullis was the inventor of the test technology that is being misinterpreted to this day

Kerry explains PCR being misused misinterpreted in virus hunting and this applies to the 'covid' test today (subtitles in Spanish) he was sitting next to Christine Maggiore who founded Alive & Well and wrote the book "What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?"

He also stated you cannot diagnose illness with that test yet that is what is being promoted.

New Zealand will keep anyone who refuses these fake tests at least 30 days as their prisoner. Watch the minister there smile as she talks about having such grand powers over people. You might recall Hitler and Mona Lisa also smiled like this about their powers over people.

Australia is a totalitarian disaster to help them out sign the petition that will make all the political might laugh their asses off

Ohioans @ 'Ohio Stands Up' are suing government leaders for unconstitutional shut down using some fundamentals that everyone should understand about declarations of emergency powers - fantastic discussion between John Rappaport and Tom Renz and visit Tom Renz website

Ohio Stands Up! full press release

Confirmed: China orchestrated biggest virus hoax propoganda campaign ever that influenced world leaders to lock down everywhere causing all these countries to ruin their economies. It's the new World War of Artificial Intelligence which pointed out how little most of our leaders have. Also covered at INFO WARS.

Everyone who needs oxygen to live is medically exempt from wearing any oxygen deprivation device and it is a violation of civil rights to deny service to anyone who would insist on breathing freely. OSHA requires 19.5% oxygen level but wearing face coverings reduces that to 17% or less. At a .0004% rate of harm you have a Z3RO % chance of 'getting IT and as result dying from IT' anyway. This entire fraud points out how idiotic and/or manipulative some of your leaders and agencies are as they claim they are looking out for your health. Do not allow anyone to limit your oxygen intake!

Federal money goes to states for each 'cervesa bug' case. California gets $145,000 per 'case'. No wonder they keep pushing fake testing that does not find virus, what it finds is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Hawaii gets $301,000 per 'case'. Biggest is West Virginia $471,000. What ever happend to TV reports about Medicare fraud? Someone should make the 'case'.

"Between Fighting Men" 1932

Notice in the 1932 black and white film the actors lack of wearing fake mask protection from viruses that now suddenly 'do not travel in the air' oh now they do travel on droplets meaning that when it rains and snows as it also travels on frosty the snowtards SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN TO SAVE THE PLANET OF THE HUMANS even though all viruses travel by air don't travel by air are just air and are dead things like dust that do nothing but cause dirt disease and notice the utter lack of Blair Witch camera effect. Some will tell you the people of that era were stupid because they did not have the internet to be smart and have stupid apps handle the tardation for them but out of the horses mouth we hear these 1932ians used the cleanest most reliable energy found anywhere

 part of this next film could have used a TRIPOD!!!!!!!! as well as NO/ZOOM


synopsis on covidianity here

"After watching this movie, be sure NOT to share about how MASKS DON'T STOP ANY VIRUS as if you start telling people this we will no longer have a mask charade and laugh our a$$e$ off party" - World Hysteria Organization

everyone had a feature role in the PLANdemic

 watch movie here

100 years ago the public was masked to 'be protected from the Spanish Flu' of 1918 - 1919 in San Francisco where health authorities had to give it up after about 45 days the public had enough of the innefective unnecessary illogical method of 'control'. The film gives a hard look at WHO's behind this ongoing worldwide 'lockdown'. Also worth watching besides the Plandemic series movies is where David Knight interviews one of the featured players in the flim Plandemic named David Martin and of course features the very film maker of Plandemic, Mikki Willis who David and David both point out is one real man of high integrity with example. is the OFFICIAL WEBSITE watch the segment here interview with Mikki begins 1 hour 31 minutes in 

have you been exposed to ongoing virus fraud get tested here

the contagion theory is based on science fiction

viruses only exist in the imagination

Bernard Jensen stated viruses are cell scavengers not Godzilla



Ron Paul also exposes the fraud of corona lies

The "virus causation of disease" theories have been debunked long ago as far back as the days of Jesus Christ and the Roman Empire when like today invisible things wreaked havoc in rule making and panic wagon driving and hucksters in medicine blamed the invisible and they keep trying to debunk what has already been debunked it's rather funny to watch them try to convince people but they never proved any such lone viral ranger had such extrordinary powers nor that the body never lets go of them like letting go of a baseball the body does not care to play that game all week usually not even a whole day that is why as we look at the charts now we see testing for the convid-19 is presenting more "infected" than a few months ago but this is because they are testing more and all these tests find is antibodies and pieces of fragments of cell debris parts of various acids and proteins in everyone it's like shipping in 666 thousand house cleaners to Los Angeles for government paid cleaning services to protect the population from dirt and with there being so many house cleaners going into a home there are more positive results for dust indicated. Never trust HIM [Hucksters In Medicine] and notice the "smart" app said to quarantine healthy people and ruin your world.

CORONA/HUNTING expeditions are like WITCH/HUNTING even the old new non pro "smart" world was not that stupid to destroy itself over THINGS THAT DON'T EXIST and are so invisible they are not there any more than the ghosts you see at The Magic Castle ride at Disney theme parks that if they ever open again will "for your health" feature hover parenting mask people taking your temperature and making you also look stupid wearing oxygen deprivation masks on your face the entire time you are there as the world is unintelligently relying on raw sewage channels for learning and fake tests that never find one single virus they only find bits and pieces of what everyone has in them proving nothing but making drug companies and their investors FILTHY then they get caught washing their hands of these lies throughout the day.
"There are few among our political elite and the supporting Senior Civil Service who have STEM degrees and the consequence of this narrow pool is a
failure to understand basic concepts, e.g. they believe 'the science is settled' when it comes to climate change, and that they're 'following the science' regarding COVID-19. What they fail to appreciate is that science is rarely settled
. By its nature, it is about investigating and challenging assumptions, collecting and evaluating evidence to test hypotheses, and seeking to avoid bias and misrepresentation of results. The current narrative regarding testing and 'cases' is a classic example of this lack of numeracy and statistical knowledge. If you test more you are likely to find more occurrences and they may be actual positives or false positives.'

the fact is these tests NEVER FIND VIRUS so they are lying to you


read a special letter to Boris Johnson about "the virus" and fake tests and a petition here and a petition there to end all of this virus hunting mania

and a report from Matt Irwin, M.D., M.S.W describes the HOLOCAUST-19

the public must demand accountability for this horror
"confirming positive" is an illusion with both "covid" and "hi viruses" and all of these fake tests for the invisible

test your self now

did you pass the test?

think about this

they claim they rid the world of polio with a vaccine
yet they have more vaccines for the flu that they never rid the world of


one more time, they claim they rid the world of polio by using a vaccine
but they still have not rid the world of the flu with their vaccines

get it yet?


with AIDS they promised a vaccine for years starting in the disco daze
their promise$ went into decades as they received billions of your dollars, it never came

why is there no vaccine for HIV?

now they claim you can take a pill to prevent it

the pill contains toxic chemo therapy same as used with AIDS it's the same drug

the chemical causes harm

see Spot run the hell away
as fast as Earth and heads spin why don't we fly off the planet?

use a gay rag to smash the viral lies to pieces

dying of vaccines - one death is too many - all vaccines should be halted all of them they are a lie - the only thing that immunizes is the healthy immune system - serums are more like too much caffeine or a bully that kicks sand in your girlfriends face at the beach to get a response from you

 HEROS of the endless 19/WAR

 Lora Reinbold
of the Alaska senate is hereby nominated for HERO of 2021 for her courage to shun COMICAL hysterical illogical masking demands on her as she also refuses any 'testing' with fake analysis protocols in the fake war on dangerous unicorns

Dr. Mark Trozzi gave up his medical career to help counter 'the criminal covid enterprise' Dollar Vigilante mentions him here

 Chris Sky
 is nominated for HERO of 2021 watch interview with him here presented by Rebel News

 Pastor James Coats of Canada
 is our 3nd pick nominee for 2021 as he stood his ground against 'health' department maniacs who had him thrown in jail for having church services during a fake pandemic of proven lies

 HEROS OF 2020
kept his gym open
kept his gym open to keep people healthy and as some businesses give out free fast food and donuts he's offering free HEALTH GIVING memberships if you DON'T GET THE EXPERIEMENTAL INJECTION

Ian Smith is a hero of health

and for the '
out and about' hero award it goes to this woman

In this section
we illuminate how Earth is flat it's the heads that spin around the Sun, Joe Blow is installed malware, and viruses are devouring monsters not you check the clock for showtimes

Give Me Liberty Or & Give Me Breath
masking the truth about masks

Fake mask theatre join in on the fun

putting viruses in to the proper prospective interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman


Berkeley scientist said long ago Fauci is a fraud who doesn't know anything about anything. He is a shill for drug companies.

Then there's Dr. Roger Hodkinson in a November 2020 city council meeting in Canada calling the fraudsters out.

View recent March 2021 interview.

This video from November 2020 is a well edited presentation to study. Click on the photo or here to watch.

 Dr. Hogkinson presents covid is medical fraud

"The Community and Public Services Committee on the Council Chambers in Edmonton, Alberta Canada got a surprise caller on Nov. 13, 2020. Dr. Roger Hodkinson voiced his thoughts on COVID-19, masks, and lockdowns. Dr. Hodkinson is Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, CEO of a large medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company in North Carolina. This video was deleted by YouTube." found here

Some of his statements, "It's a bad flu season and politics playing medicine." "Masks are useless virtue signaling" (see how viruses if they exist go through masks) and after admonishing public officials over insane restrictions on the public said "You have got to wrap your head around this" referring to the utter lunacy of everything being done to try to stop viruses that are unstoppable and not even there. watch movie

they are not actually vaccines they are a dangerous RNA manipulation experiment for massive profit

the new technology does not stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies it tries to take out a fragment of RNA and replace it with a new improved version, good luck with that as these injections are experimental due to the FAKE emergency declaration abuses of power and media con games that have consistently exaggerated this new name for the old disease

COVID-19 is pseudo science

virology is like a magic act you see it's trickery then approach the magician and he tells you to go away and will not reveal anything this what the hustlers do in this craft

RE/CALL a happier time of authentic normal then do this....

then when you get that done tell me why Wuhan China is rejecting any new abnormal and is acting like nothing happened but the U$$A of CNN just won't let go of it

.... and the pseudo science award goes to ...... the test strip please......VIROLOGY

maybe it's time to study psycho-neuro-immunology

you don't have to wear superstitious CLOTH/MASK all the time on a plane according to flight attendant

During a
PAN is a mythical creature a PAN demic is a mythical epidemic that does not actually exist except in the mind
it might be wise to rely on great men who led many out of the virus myth abyss
Kerry Mullis 

David Crowe 
- Rethinking AIDS
- The Infectious Myth

Peter Duesberg & Joe Rogan

Hans Gelderblom  
Kevin P. Corbett
and so many others like those who are
protecting children from evil and from infectious myths

David Icke

David Icke talks about how viruses only exist in the imagination and in bits and bytes of 1's and 0's

lockdown sceptics are coming out of polluted streams of information everywhere exposing VIRUS/FRAUD

and before you wander out to Theme Park Medical Masquerade Party Hovering Temperature Hellland anywhere you better consider WHO it was that brought you into this new abnormal world that they are trying to build as an upside down pyramid

building society like this is pretty stupid

if you just cannot accept that we have been lied to about viruses which are merely cell debris and you insist on continuing to make the world safe like building an upside down pyramid let me know how that goes when you are finished

imagine what endless streams of illusions presented now on your devices that all depend on massive use of electricity is about to do to our world and your mind while the theatrics keep telling you it's good for you and your planet

in the shutdown one has to ask 'why were hair cuts deemed unnecessary and endless streams of movies considered 'necessary'

why were movies not cut out of our world for our health? who are these people behind the curtain telling us we can't get our hair cut or go to the 'unnecessary' gym that healthyizes our immune systems more than couches laying in streams

they preferred we sit and mesmerize at home for our 'safety'

seems sreaming entertainment of all sorts and for that mater all entertainment on television should have been deemed non-essential businesses as viruses hitch rides on electrons just as easily as they do on people, planes, and carbon dioxide travelling thousands of miles this way

who's behind that curtain?

there are more Wizards of Oz than ever!

Nursery rhymes for kids have changed in school in the new puke retarded antisocial behavior abnormal the psychotics claim is good for us,

Johnny? Johnny? OMG he died in the frigid climate change that Trump-19 caused while waiting to get tested keeping us all safe from harm.

They would not let him in the school without that test result and if he survived the cold and failed he would have been cast aside told to live with the lepers in Hawaii.



these excerpts are by Dr. Matt Irwin

page 21 at
page 28 is also facinating to read


polio was due to pesticides not a virus


there is no epidemic or pandemic only feardemic as there is no proof some new disease exists if you doubt this claim your $5k reward while hucksters in medicine claim your billion$


corona viruses are cold viruses they are not new


be sure to ask your doctor if you can even find one as they seem to be going the way of the dodo and land line "hows that cold vaccine coming along"


covid is in some places a state religion and imposing virus belief systems on anyone is unconstitutional


forcing masks on people is a state religion like forcing any religious symbol on someone as there is no proof virus threats exist only religious beliefs they exist


it is Horshit In Virology it's like these sci-fientists expect us to believe that God did not complete His work

cartoon by Bechamp 1912

masks do not protect anyone from things smaller than the air holes in the fabric mesh, lay out in a flat square on a table 25,000 virus you can push them all right through one hole in face mask duh masks protect no one from viruses that is the science fundamental to virology that is real so why do these huckster$ keep pushing Satanic breath control devices "for your health" it's like that car lemon salesman saying you will get so much out of buying that piece of shit from him where his is the one benefitting the most as he unloads a pile of junk on you


US Health and Human Services [HHS] Secretary Margaret Heckler stated in the 1980's during the immune deficiency hysteria "condoms do not protect anyone from viruses they let viruses go right through, to expect condoms to protect you from viruses is like leaving your front door open in your home and expecting flies not to come in"


just like with any religious science that tries to prove God "the virus" is never proven to exist any one that says they have proven it exists in presenting their belief system just like religion thus it is state religion for authorities to declare power over your own religious beliefs about the invisible unproven dieties what ever you call them

chemical fumigation of all public space$ is a gain for all the companies that sell these pesticides and they are kiling the good bacteria in the air that is everywhere in all these public spaces as well as causing harm to the delicate internal membranes and cells in the human body


 fumigating for pests while people are inside is not healthy nor is it healthy to breathe in these fumes that remain some also call this gassing companies that sell their product call them disinfectants but since viruses don't infect anything these are mislabeled like most everything is in medical huckster science


viruse$ are not the cause of disease they are the cause of transfer of your energy to others it is all a scam to scare you like a cult leader does so you seek and accept salvation through him or her

Bechamp had it right Paseur was a fraud


viruses are only evidence of disease not the cause


Jensen stated that viruses were the body's sanitation DEPARMENT not the raw sewage and not Godzilla


It is like a sanitation department caught in the middle of World War Never Ending, it then cannot do it's job and sometimes is destroyed

Added to that is the body then competing with the poisons of chemical weapons of viral war which then has to deal with the chemicals of the treatment to be mixed with the poisoning of the decaying tissue and the human body can be overwhelmed and then they blame......




Pasteur admitted virus was not the cause before he died

watch movie


after learning all this Miss Dia Gnostic left the building




this page intentionally left in a panic