The novel virus is FICTION

"Where's the smoking bat?"

Inventor of the test says Fauci is a fraud.


VIRUSES are not living things they are SOAP

don't be a pharmaphile

once upon a time it was good to be active, then they got proactive, then hyperactive, then prohyperoveractive and here we are working with hypoerproneverendingoveractive

see the stuff on these walls it makes your video podcast sound better as it absorbs the noise

it 'escaped' from the lab like other novels of fiction escaped from a library using your library card, everyone sit down, take a deep breath without restriction, and go back to normal, it's a fraud
covid - cold virus diguised
Nuremberg style trials begin 11:11am 9/1/21 in Isle of Man

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

UK doctor spreads warning

corona hysteria syndrome is treatible
Dr. David Martin latest investigative process on Fauci's fraudism
he has an interesting take on genetics not being computer code we are magnetic energy and living complex beings

Fauci frauded HIV the Hustle In Virology with lies that the virus was 'isolated' and proven to exist and all that was ever there was cellular debris as presented in this 1998 news report

The fake "vice president" Kamala Harris gets fake vaxxine so we award her a fake donut and it's a cream PUFF as she and so many others are PUFFED UP POLITICIANS that are so full of shit and ARE NOT YOUR DOCTOR how dare they give you medical advice

Here is an example of fine moving image presentation made by Dr. Andrew Kaufman on germ theory

part of this page
intentionally left in a panic

you might find it if you look behind the scenes

George Orwell segement fit well in this presentation that touches on what could be called MILGRAM-19

PROVID-19 is like multi-level marketing creating cases out of nothing more than this person talked to that person and signed them up and they talked to two other persons and signed them up creating a pyramid con.vid scheme.

Pandemic Influenza
Forget AI there's PI. There is nothing quite as profitable as renaming the flu, adding quarantine to make it appear more dangerous. Other movie making does this with so many things.

The sci-fientist was looking for a star and could not find any in the pieces of wood so he called his carpenter friend who came over and made the pieces look like 5 stars so then the doctor of sci-fientry would be able to say "Eureka! I found what I was looking for". He then went on TV and told the world of his discovery. People were afraid so they asked what they needed to do. Dr. Haney came over to address their concerns as Lisa said "When the pig is a chicken with lipstick you know they are selling lipstick and not curried chicken with peanut sauce." This story of course makes as much sense as does any form of virus hunting, as in the story telling world of hunting what CANNOT BE SEEN effectively, what the asserter$ do is claim they found what they were looking for when what they really find is a pig whereas they then stick feathers on it so they can say they looked in the microscope and found a chicken. Literally this is what they do.

CDC director is obviously mentally ill. CONVID-19 is claimed to be a horrible disease but the numbers clearly show kids aren't catching it, thus, in all reality the disease is as all disease, created, not caught like a baseball and the extreeeeeemely rare instances where a child is diagnosed with "it" they recover 99.997% of the time, thus, mathematics, physics, and non bastardized science clearly presents the rate of children dying of conjob-19 is ZERO. Technically the rate is like .000000000000000000000001% of 1/2 of a percent of another 1/2 of a percent, yet she babble$$$$$ on and on with her fear porn scaring parents saying they need to wear their masks and the sky is falling. listen to Ron Paul LIBERTARIAN take on this

New Indian Variant (IV)
has the ability to bring people back from the dead. This is fantastic news providing yet another of many draws to get us to watch TV news and be sold things we don't need, but there are still 666,666,666 trillion more variants to deal with, as like with snowflakes, no two are alike yet they are the same. I personally worry more about snow storms in summer than viruses that DO NOT EXIST.

6,999,999,111.0001% people on Earth now realize that COV/AIDS nineteen twenty one was multiple shams. zooooooom

Virus does not exist. It's very hard for the brainwashed to get this concept. High Impact Flix tries to explain

- the vax said by RED + to "wipe out antibodies". Wasn't the vax supposed to kick us in the head do make antibodies? Ixa so glad I lear nbi tewavizon.

Flatten the SPIKE/YIKE and keep in mind virus hunters tend to ignore a whole host of these kinds of things going on in the forest. Should we STOP socialist distancing & speak of disancing ourselves from pompous association theatratics? Here is a nice podcast discussion technique where two windows are created, each placed with each person in the interview critique of news on either side with the news article in the center. view

An odd number of 665 liberaltarians have gone full retardarian, they refuse to remove their masks even as their maskuraid masters hitherto are given permission to remove them, An0maly is FANTASTIC!they are more worried about looking like a Republican. Yes, societies information age has made us so far advanced we have moved way past any sort of logic board. Their psychosis hypernerosis makes them prefer being lab rats, abused. God bless the deranged they have been manipulated by many powerful people who should be ashamed and make restitution and apologize. wATCH

Masks stop NO/VIRUS what so ever. The Church of Faucist Guidemarks to Hell will not tell you this but I will.

Globalists do not care
about your health. They care about their wealth. 2020 hindsight makes this abundantly clear now. an0maly also talks about this

Canada is the only country
jailing pastors who dare freely assemble at full capacity. They have done this with 3 of them. Artur Pawlowski is a pastor who was arrested in the middle of the highway stopped after he held his normal church service as he defied orders made by sick departments telling him how to stop what cannot be stopped and is merely an illusion. There is no virus it's all fraud. It's all part of the Faucist regime that started in the 1980's and infected governing all around the world. It is a new hybrid of facism & Medical Dictatorships (MD). Hear his statement after release from jail.

Canada is rulered
by 'the crown' British dictatorship. It remnids some of us of ruler whacking at Perochial school for sneezing in class without covering mouth. The colonists that came to America got fed up with their tactics and declared independence. Faucist dictators have infected everything everywhere. It's a new regime. Maybe Canada should declare independence. Here's one take on it all.

Some are finding that the hyper warp speed injection is worsening current disease conditions read
. We have been trying to warn people but we don't have a good enough supply of TV unstick like glue serum.

An epic rant on 'toxic masculinity' makes it clear what it's all about.

who has been following the 'covid' scam thoroughly presented data coming out now that
46% of all adverse effects from vaxxines for the last 31 years is from the newest experimental super warp speed throw safety out the window 'corona virus' vaxx, which is only been used for about 5 months now, they are chasing magic numbers, lost in a world of medical illusions of virus hunting, this Hustle In Vaxxinationland must end.

Public Offical public retards
are seeing the problem of vaxcrimination ROFL start to evolve and are in a panic. That's all they ever do is panic. They are idiots flying planes while building them that was stated by one public official goon, "We are flying planes as we are building them." Cuomo comments on the emerging TREND to discriminate against the VAXXED all worried about it. Finally some sense is poking it needle through to the brain. Cuomo is responsible for death of elderly in nursing homes is now saying how creative they are to GET people to get even more injectionated as if the body does not have an immune system that functions to immunize itself. They are Hustlers in Vaxcrimination (HIV) giving those who get vaccines payouts, incentives like free tickets to baseball games in their own sections, free donuts if injected, still have to wear masks, HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR HARM, what the hell is wrong with these people. Oh, yes, it's show busine$$. watch short film

Peggy Hall of The Healthy American in Orange county digs deeper into realities of health care spending waste in the tens of million$ granted to vax and drug pushers for the incredibly overdramatized threat of cold and flu viruses renamed for fun and profits using your energy as fuels to make it appear as though there is a real 'pandemic' by disingenuously using shutdowns, quarantine, fear, and massive propoganda
her presentations are a good model for your own

you have surely seen the magnets sticking to arms at the experimental vaxx injection site, now even iPhones are sticking to arms, next it will be refrigerators

find out more about the variant proofs that viruses are merely detergent and other fun enertainisms on the archived pages below

Auntie Vaxxer or Body Confident?

California health NOT/SEES are so desperate to push their poison experiment on people they are illegally pushing the injection message using highway signs that are only meant for road hazards not advertisements. Peggy Hall points out this scam.

What the public thinks about FV   HOAX/POWER

Dr. David Martin presents the Fauci dossier presents the actual conspiracy "to hype the fear and use the hype to our advantage" to get the public to buy their lies and then throw more money to them to 'fix' the fake problem. He mentions the CDC sought to patent the corona virus after it was already made public domain.

Internet Matter

Stop These Things  HORSEPOWER

Overactivists KEEP/KILLING Keystone Oil Pipleline
Jane Fonda a multi millionaire who's money flows in bank pipelines because of oil, not because of butterflies and rainbows, claims we need to stop all oil which if actually done would dry up her bank accounts, and wipe out half of humanity, does she not have an internet connection? This is so stupid to push to stop the efficient flow of oil. It will flow anyway, instead the oil will be transported by trucks that use oil, or maybe the climate cons will mandate sailtrucks to get the oil to the US from Canada. The oil will be coming here anyway. The pipeline is most efficient.

Quoting the article in Children's Health Defense

Jared Margolis, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity, declared the victory in the drawn-out battle - which largely took place under the Democratic administration of former President Barack Obama - "a landmark moment in the fight against the climate crisis."

"We need to keep moving away from dirty, dangerous pipelines that lock us into an unsustainable future," added Margolis, who said he now hopes President Joe Biden will take this lesson and apply to other polluting fossil projects. "We're hopeful that the Biden administration will continue to shift this country in the right direction by opposing fossil fuel projects that threaten our climate, our waters and imperiled wildlife," he said. "Good riddance to Keystone XL!"

more at their website

Are we saving the planet by going camo green'?  

Sounds good right? Turns out it's better called army green camoflage energy, secretly sucking our green DOLLAR energy and waging war on wildlife.

In this short film the environmentalist discovers EAGLE killed by turbines.

Wind farms are at war with nature devouring vast areas of open space and actually giving little back. They camoflage the fact that their giant spinning blades in the air use more energy than they give back and are constantly killing these magnificent creatures and many other smaller ones. They are PROPS, basically MOVIE SETS presenting ILLUSIONS of "clean energy" in what we call ENERGY/THEATRICS.

Wind farms are movie sets presenting a facade to make the story look real but behind the scenes we see other things going on, I prefer to call these systems either
army green camoflage
or puke green energy.
Michael Moore also called out the fake clean energy & carbon credit scam that basically steals your energy in his film "Planet of the Humans"

other more efficient movie props you can use in film making can be found here
The Divine Lady (1929) silent film as discovered on eBay an original photo from 1929 displays an efficient use of wind power whereas the sailboat can still function as a battleship even when the wind IS/NOT blowing unlike what happens with other movie sets that blow hot air all over the place.

In considering the Puke Green New Backroom Deal
I decided to wrote a letter to Alexis Corona-tasio Amonapaea Roartez and the Holier Than Thou Squad about how to finally solve the existential threat OF problems once and for all, and the suggestions that more dams be built that take water and pump it up hill which requires massive amounts of energy, to store 'the energy' sorta like batteries so when wind does not blow it could power 123.666 trillion homes which do not even exist as still no one can even figure out how to fix homelessness, and take that energy stored there to create electricity that then is used to make hydrogen which is then stored to keep energy available to create electricity whenever needed by burning the hydrogen, to do things like take 24/7 hour breaks from actually fixing things that are broken,

The plan is to let the wind and solar create energy to pump water up the hill where Jack will fetch water when the wind is still & Jill will be on the phone texting him about any obstacles on the way up. They will be the only two in the entire village below that have decent jobs anymore in order to 'save the planet' of carbon which is what the planet is made of. That water stored behind a dam then powers generators that make electricity non-intermittant. We take that energy and charge batteries the size of Mount Everest to keep back up power there for when wind and solar does not power the grids but there are days the wind does not blow for long periods so those back up systems only function for a few days, so we create more solar and wind farms to double the output, make more dams, pump more water up hill, so we can make more hydrogen. No one notices the water shortages starting to occur, eventually some do and suggest the solution is new pipelines from Canada and Mexico bringing in salty ocean water that the hydrogen power will desalinate. We will then have to add more hydrogen, wind, solar, and uphill energy storage dams and store that new hydrogen energy in massive containers that will float above the wind farms as there is no land left as solar and wind used the rest of the open spaces up. Problem solved.

Wind industry does not really care about your food supply
it only cares about it's own like the kind of food supplied at elitist restaurants where $400 a plate dinners are on the budget end, ones that disingenuous governing regularly attends citing being examples for the world as they slap the public in the face with lies about masks and fake virus threats, and freely rubber stamps projects in the wind scam. All of this is an existential threat to humanity 1000x greater than the imaginary carbon dioxide threat as they forge ahead with their plans to place monster turbines at sea on the East Coast where fishing corridors are affected negatively, why should they care they will scoop up and harvest so much of your money in added costs to your taxes and electric bills and products you buy they will afford whatever they want while you suffer. RODA also calls them out

is the next big thing. It's use creates a by product of fly ash is used in making cement and thus saves tonnes of energy. Green recycleable coal should be promoted as a replacement for wasteful wind and solar energies that never provide what their sleasy sales pushers promise when they say 'can power so and so number of homes' when we sometimes can get more power out of a potato.

In the next motion photograph
compile we see the very first wind turbine removed from where it was originally planted. These are now being told to keep it's distance to keep us safe from the lies of hot air wind energy that keeps camouflaging the facts of how they suck our money and never give it back. It's being sent to the safe distance to be incinerated by the Sun so we don't waste any more energy as part of the ZERO by 50 campaign seeking to have all wind turbines removed from our beautiful lands and sent there for disposal by 2050. The observer thought it was an asteriod.

also that the sun is flat like Earth.

There might be as high as 3,000 people per day are dying from the new EXPERIMENTAL not FDA approved vaccine. Sane people in Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs meeting discusses bill E1.028 that forbids discrimination based on vaccination status as employers and business are starting to refuse entry and parcipation based on 'covid' vax status.

"Elements of evidence based medicine. Integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. Patient values trump clinical expertise. Clinical expertise trumps scientific evidence."

Natural immunity is more robust than trying to inject immunity.

The cons at the WHO, CDC, NIH, FAU/CIST, ETC are all now shifting the definition of natural immunity to not include your body doing it for your self in the latest CON/JAB. The disease of their deceit is rampant. They are also disingenuously changing understanding of the lie of 'herd immunity' to only be possible with injections of bizarre chemical forumlations a con cept that Jim Jones would have envied. Jim Jones was another cult leader who had members Drink Disease Theology (DDT) poison as he also got them in such a brainwashed state of fear they could not think, only react, much like we see being done by many today, but he didn't use television and internet so he never wasted energy like we do today building movie set energy everwhere.

Texas hearing
presented the fact that animals were tested with the COV/AIDS vax and all died, so they stopped testing on rats, and instead used humans.
Humans are now the lab rats.

Business wants to mandate as condition of employment this experiment. They are quickly finding out now they are held liable for injuries. ROFL.


Harvard University Study, approx. 318,600 Americans may have been Killed by the Vaccine
and people like Newsom are heading that "we're in this together" ship right at that iceberg knowing everyone will be filming it as he MAD/DASHES to the helicopter.

John Cox is the best replacement for pretty boy elitist scumbag narcissist Gavin Newsom
he is the down to earth type of hard working man that most of us identify with that will bring California back to a place of normalcy and never again will we go through this medical tyrrany and political gaming as was done to us by the hustle family evil empire. We need Cox. I will say it again WE NEED COX.

People who need people
are something lucky so what are people who need posting photos of themselves getting an experimental injection in their arm where companies have no liability for harm as if this is a good thing. They promote for free to take the jab. That same person might have a fit if a dresser fell on their child and caused harm or they fell over a toy and was harmed. Makes no sense to risk lives to save lives regarding a health condition that has a 99.99990000001% recovery rate, but hey, this is what happens in cults and we are all free to practice the religion of our choice.

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