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Wind farms hide the fact that their giant spinning blades in the air use more energy than they give back and are constantly killing magnificent birds. They are at war with nature devouring vast areas of open space. These PROPS are MOVIE SETS presenting ILLUSIONS of "clean energy".

Wind industry DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR FOOD SUPPLY and this is an existential threat to humanity 1000x greater than the imaginary carbon dioxide threat as they forge ahead with their plans to place monster turbines at sea on the East Coast where fishing corridors are affected negatively, why should they care they will scoop up and harvest so much of your money in added costs to your taxes and electric bills and products you buy they will afford whatever they want while you suffer. RODA calls them out.

GREEN COAL is the next big thing. It's use creates a by product of fly ash is used in making cement and thus saves tonnes of energy. Green recycleable coal should be promoted as a replacement for wasteful wind and solar energies that never provide what their sleasy sales pushers promise when they say 'can power so and so number of homes' when we sometimes can get more power out of a potato.

In the next motion photograph compile we see the very first wind turbine removed from where it was originally planted. These are now being told to keep it's distance to keep us safe from the lies of hot air wind energy that keeps camouflaging the facts of how they suck our money and never give it back. It's being sent to the safe distance to be incinerated by the Sun so we don't waste any more energy as part of the ZERO by 50 campaign seeking to have all wind turbines removed from our beautiful lands and sent there for disposal by 2050. The observer thought it was an asteriod.

Notice also that the sun is flat like Earth.

There might be as high as 3,000 people per day are dying from the new EXPERIMENTAL not FDA approved vaccine. Sane people in Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs meeting discusses bill E1.028 that forbids discrimination based on vaccination status as employers and business are starting to refuse entry and parcipation based on 'covid' vax status.

"Elements of evidence based medicine. Integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. Patient values trump clinical expertise. Clinical expertise trumps scientific evidence."

Natural immunity is more robust than vaccine immunity.


Never before in history did science skip animal tests.

Humans are now the lab rats.

Business wants to mandate as condition of employment this experiment.


Harvard University Study, approx. 318,600 Americans may have been Killed by the Vaccine

John Cox is the best replacement for pretty boy elitist scumbag narcissist Gavin Newsom he is the down to earth type of hard working man that most of us identify with that will bring California back to a place of normalcy and never again will we go through this medical tyrrany and political gaming as was done to us by the hustle family evil empire. We need Cox.


People are posting photos of themselves getting an experimental injection in their arm where companies have no liability for harm as if this is a good thing. They promote for free to take the jab. That same person might have a fit if a dresser fell on their child and caused harm or they fell over a toy and was harmed. Makes no sense but this is what happens in cults.

Internet Matter

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Liberals have gone full retard, they refuse to remove their masks even as their slave masters have are given permission to remove them, they are more worried about looking like a Republican. Their psychosis makes them prefer being lab rats, abused. God bless the deranged they have been manipulated by many powerful people who should be ashamed and make restitution and apologize. wATCH. An0maly is FANTASTIC!

Globalists do not care about your health. They care about their wealth. 2020 hindsight makes this abundantly clear now.
an0maly talks about this

Canada is the only country jailing pastors who dare freely assemble at full capacity. Artur Pawlowski is a pastor who was arrested in the middle of the highway stopped after he held his normal church service. Treated like a criminal. It is a new hybrid of facism & Medical Dictatorships (MD). Hear his statement after release from jail.

Canada is ruled by 'the crown' British dictatorship. The colonists that came to America got fed up with their tactics and declared independence. Faucist dictators have infected everything everywhere. It's a new regime. Maybe Canada should declare independence. Here's one take on it all.

Some are finding that the hyper warp speed injection is worsening current disease conditions read. We have been trying to warn people but we don't have a good enough supply of TV unstick like glue serum.

An epic rant on 'toxic masculinity' makes it clear what it's all about.

A smart LIBERTARIAN who has been following the 'covid' scam thoroughly presented data coming out now that 46% of all adverse effects from vaxxines for the last 31 years is from the newest experimental super warp speed throw safety out the window 'corona virus' vaxx, which is only been used for about 5 months now, they are chasing magic numbers, lost in a world of medical illusions of virus hunting, this Hustle In Vaxxinationland must end.

Public Offical public retards are seeing the problem of vaxcrimination ROFL start to evolve and are in a panic. That's all they ever do is panic. They are idiots flying planes while building them that was stated by one public official goon "We are flying planes as we are building them." Cuomo comments on the emerging TREND to discriminate against the VAXXED all worried about it. Finally some sense is poking it needle through to the brain. Cuomo is responsible for death of elderly in nursing homes is now saying how creative they are to GET people to get even more injectionated as if the body does not have an immune system that functions to immunize itself. They are Hustlers in Vaxcrimination giving those who get vaccines payouts, incentives like free tickets to baseball games in their own sections, free donuts if injected, still have to wear masks, what the hell is wrong with these people. Oh, it's show busine$$. watch short film

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