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 a film by Lauren Southern - the film some don't want you to see
claims are being made that this was censored but i did not seem to have any trouble viewing it online
one reason some might not want you to see it might be that it like many movies today has too much drunken camera movement
it is called a documentary and also like most documentaries made today it has more music than is necessary
music should not be used so much - it becomes a distraction from the narration
at one noticeable point in this film the camera is panning in from space down onto an abstract image of Earth, this is when there is no narration and the use of music brings us into the area they are presenting in the Middle East - the music matches it and fills in while there is no talk yet the music is doing the talking, very subtly, perfect
at least the music is very quiet though some documentaries I have seen on TV the music is so loud you feel like you are in a disco
another problem with using so much music is that it locks the mind into a certain effect for example the eerie sounds presented while showing a dark night driving scene brings in that fear and caution feeling. the producer may want this but you may not want to do this in your film. some times it can be better for there to be no suggestion so to speak presented in the background by music, thus allowing the mind to focus directly on the image and the narration thus allowing the mind to process more openly
one trick I use when this happens is merely turn the volume off and have closed captions on and just read and view the film
after watching about 20 minutes of this i got tired of the hyperpromotion camera work, i found it boring, skipped through a bit, and would not recommend it really

Defeat shaky camera syndrome disease in 2020

I will always fight for steady camera work. There is too much illegal moving imagery these days causing the eye to wander. It's even causing motion sickness. So many motion image makers think this is a cool trick. We see it in 99% of advertising now as well as TV shows and it dominates reality. It's nauseating. If you vote for me I promise you will start to see less wandering and more solid imagery which makes for a better production and a better world as I will forge new laws making nauseating camera work a crime with a zero tolerance policy.

Production kompanies threat to boycott and girlcott the US state of Georgia over their new heartbeat no-abortion law

"David Simon's Blown Deadline Productions, Killer Films CEO Christine Vachon, and Mark Duplass have vowed to boycott the state" stated the Hollywood Reporter

Why are production companies not filming in good old Hollywood? Tax incentive in Georgia is 30%.
Dats Y. Liberal states always raise taxes then conservative states raise tax incentives. To boycott them, well I think all these cotts are getting outta hand. It's like with the popular boycott logic being used now, gays who are always boycotting anything even slightly perceived as anti-gay should boycott every state in the Union that has a Chik-Fil-A, not visit any state, not do any business in any state, and liberals should boycott any state that allows the sale of guns and never visit any country that allows anyone to own guns or allows anything that offends anyone. It all makes no sense.

Stopcotting! Start building.

5 dogs and an innocent woman in yet another horrific police pursuit - when are they going to stop this crap

Family and friends identified the victim as Jessica Bingaman, who was a single mom who worked as a local dog-sitter and lived nearby. The crash occurred in Long Beach California at Temple and East 3rd Street. It was a 70 mph race through low speed limit residential neighborhoods. It was over a stolen heap of metal called a van.

We have:


The rules of chasing suspects is not protecting the public as they were intended. Going after stolen merchandise that moves must be dialed back. Chases cause those being chased to inevitably barrel through neighborhoods at top speeds.

Demand these high speed pursuits STOP.

With all the surveillance there is everywhere they could send up drones to record where the suspect goes, get search warrants later, wait for stopped vehicle, capture, process. Chances are much better that way that no one gets hurt.

Maybe now that 5 dogs plus a nice human were needlessly massacred by this pursuit the SPCA, PETA, and other animal welfare groups and civil rights groups will take a stand.

Maybe they will chime in on the tactics of these continuing police hyperproactive pursuits that not only endanger lives but end lives of good humans and animals. If it was a police K-9 in that vehicle the trumpets would sound.

We haven't gotten it to stop with only our cries for it to stop when people were only involved yet. These pursuits cannot be allowed to continue as they have.

Are our police tested for steroid use?

Politicians should not be making movies without editing which one recently did in a live stream as they are called

 iMovies using any editing mechanism are better because they are not live streamed and one can review and edit their work and quite possibly catch themselves in rude acts before they publish and get slammed by the public response as we see what happened after this one named Brian Sims a House Representative for Pennsylvania and a Democrat was streamed.
Brian Sims is a rude Democrat House of Representatives member of Pennsylvania
watch his offensive movie here if you want to waste some time learning what not to do and how not to act

He hails himself as being gay and a champion of the gay community but I find him to be a horrible example of how activists of any community are usually jerks, certainly not representing the many fine gay individuals out there that would never do anything like this. The blowback was intense and his video received overwhelming dislikes. He has since locked his Twitter feed. This coming from an individual who preaches the gospel of inclusivity.

His display of harassing an "old white lady" as he referred to her, and offering $100 to anyone who could "doxx" provide children's home addresses so he could harass them too is way out of line especially coming from a political representative "of the people" in his district who have various views as he harassed a quiet demonstrator in front of Planned Parenthood where the disposal of infant fetuses is routine.

His harassment of the "old white lady" was in condescending tone amongst other abuses. The woman is a pro-lifer and he is gay supporter of abortion claiming it's in the Constitution and other crap.

He was not aborted at birth so this is what we are dealing with and all we can do now is insist he resign.

This is not how American politicians should be treating citizens. He will not get re-elected after his stupid stunts.

Tucker interviewed the mom of the teens.

Mentions in the interview how Sims did not realize one of the girls was not white as she kept correcting him on it. He's apparently a racist. But more important, look at what Fox News did with the vertical video. Don't ever do this. There was no need to use that stupid program that splits the video, places each half of the fuzzy out frame on each side of the vertical. Look at the vertical shots to the left of Tucker and the guest. I don't understand why this awful editing program is used so much it looks horrible. They easily could have moved the 3 vertical frames together to center. Are we in 1966? "Bewitched" was made better than a lot of crap today.

Sims would not come on to the program to defend his actions as his actions were abhorrent and he needs to resign. Also I could not find this story on Yahoo or any other liberal biased news site, gee I wonder why.

Great iMovies are often simple and inspired and made by nice people.

One was made by an employee in a business that sold appliances, where she fit herself inside the washer to show how big the bin was.

iMovies are also your window to the moving image world


This next one shows the flowers that rarely bloom beneath the windmills above Palm Springs and it is quite a sight beneath these view monsters that make eerie noises, destroy property values, waste energy, and drive people who live by them insane with eerie noises. All those who make gobs of money off these things live elsewhere, not in their back yards! These are located in a windy area and when the winds are too strong, they put the brakes on stopping them from spinning so fast the turbine would explode. They are very complex and require a lot of energy to maintain.

Recent California rains have made opportunity to create movies showing the rare flowering beauty at the base of windmills in the California deserts. These fantastic towering masterpieces intrigue many with promises of a cleaner renewable future. Did you know that they actually draw power from the grid when the wind is not blowing at times? To view this movie find the sweet spot on the turbine, not on the flower fields below and click there. image by Kenneth Wegorowski

Windmills are energy producing mechanisms that draw energy from the grid as they have to keep the parts moving or they freeze up. As parts wear they make noise. They hardly produce any energy as often the wind does not blow. The claims made on how many homes are powered are exaggerated never providing kilowatt HOURS of energy. They make industrialists rich, drain tax bases, and eat birds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that as part of their regular diet. It is a non-environmentally friendly system yet they are promoted by government leaders who basically get their information by those who are selling them for profit.

While at the base I noticed how some living birds that escaped the massive blades were busy eating mosquitoes thus saving us from having to use industrial solutions. Cycle of spin. Yes, again, the question is asked, why are we using pesticides to kill bird food? Experts who all make money from these mechanisms tell us "to kill viruses they carry from other sides of the planet, they are vectors" yet this makes no sense as viruses also have natural predators. Windmills have no predators.

We don't need to keep poisoning our planet to fix things and we don't need more energy sources which to make them require more energy and disruption of our planet to "fix things" as our world has become an endless industrialization that is repeatedly fixing what needs to be fixed by destroying the planet, unless of course you want to keep all that money flowing into all these investors systems that are making it so they can all be rich while the streets keep getting filled with homeless, dead birds, and no natural bird food for the survivors to eat.

Who told me this?

A little birdie. Oh and someone who repairs these things, who goes high up to the top and replaces the brakes that keeps the blades from spinning too fast, repairs all the electronics, lubricates the parts with fossil fuels, and says they draw power with huge motors to spin the blades using electricity that is manufactured in fossil fuel power plants.

Imagine a day free of these view destructive monstrosities.

Camera work these days sucks. The tripod was invented decades ago, actually it was invented thousands of years ago, and it's hardly ever used in filming anymore. Used to be a staple, now the camera is all over the place as if the operators are drunk. Everything moving, images floating in circles, Blair Witch nauseating effects, even the commercials these days are horrible. I can't watch anything unless I am drunk, sleepy, and wear sunglasses and that is the only time it steadys. It should be a law that all moving images be made steady because hellooooo they are already moving images they don't need to be drunk. I started watching Sunday Night Football instead as the camera work there is more steady, and I hate football.     

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