a r t  i m i t a t i s m  i M O V I E S  &  i N T E R N E T  M A T T E R  present

s u d d e n l y

those trying to save the planet ruined it

Cowboy From Sundown 1940
SINOPSIS: In Dangerous Unicorn territory the sheriff thinks he needs to quarantine all the cattle to keep the people safe while the behind the scenes the banker is scheming to corrall the cash cow but then the sheriff discovers the real cause and all wellthness breaks loose

You'v seen one particular movie over 100x what is it?

Fuzzy Bear presents "The Stolen Jooles"

add more sparkling theater "The Devil Diamond"

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Richard Dix is presented in "Womanhandled" 1925

"Strike Me Pink" 1936 lobby card got away

i M O V I E S

"i discovered a movie set"