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Uncle Bob

is about the life and death of the famous naked streaker who in 1974 ran across the stage during a live broadcast of a famous Hollywood awards show. It was a fad in the 1970's and if you have never seen this happen it's something you shud c and it's well presented in this film along with a collage of things artistic expressatives. It explores the life of this man named Robert Opal who was a photographer  and artist. This amazing individual had a gallery in San Francisco and featured Robert Maplethorp's works and Tom Of Finland in his gallery before they were famous. I spotted this film playing on the Film Rise stream.

Stuber opened July 12

I won't go see it because as can be seen in preview too much Blair Witch cam. It shakes even when filming simple view from hood looking at the two characters sitting inside the car which I think is stupid. Camera should be fixed. There is enough "action" already there is no need for ALL THIS SHAKE ALL THE TIME IN EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE IN FILM it's like film making now is being done by Michael J. Fox while he's on a turnip truck during a California 7.1 earthquake.

Stuber flops. Big surprise (said sarcastically). It's no wonder, it preaches the garbage concept of toxic masculinity. People don't want to hear that crap. Hope you listened to my review and saw something else.


I think politics should more or less stay out of film making so I stay out of Cannes because they seem to celebrate movies that are made by those who suffer from TDS movies made by those who suffer from this condition always suffer

A good film is about shifting landscapes like those that are populated and suffer from upheavals both by Mom and Dad Earth as well as those caused by financial forces. This one called "The Last Black Man In San Francisco" seems to portray this collage nicely

Wind energy blows

ugly wind farm that is 100% dependent on using fossil fuel

Flowers rarely bloom beneath the towering windmills above Palm Springs in the desert yet when they do it is quite a sight beneath these view monsters that block pristine landscape views, destroy property values, waste energy, and drive people who live by them insane with eerie noises and cast ominous disturbing flickering massive moving spinning disorienting shadows.

I bet you don't know they are 100% dependent on fossil fuels and use it regularly.

These particular ones as seen in the movie below are located in a windy area and when the winds are too strong, they put the brakes on stopping them from spinning so fast the turbine would explode. They are very complex and require a lot of energy to maintain. They may be facinating to look at as pieces of towering machinery that present lofty dreams of a clean environment but they are far far from that image that is presented.

Recent California rains have made opportunity to create movies showing the rare flowering beauty at the base of windmills in the California deserts. These fantastic towering masterpieces intrigue many with promises of a cleaner renewable future. Did you know that they actually draw power from the grid when the wind is not blowing at times? To view this movie find the sweet spot on the turbine, not on the flower fields below and click there. image by Kenneth Wegorowski

Windmills are energy producing mechanisms that draw energy from the grid as they have to keep the parts moving or they freeze up.

As parts wear they make noise.

They hardly produce any energy as often the wind does not blow.

They are forcibly braked when wind is to strong so it can be a windy day and they are not producing any energy instead USING IT. It takes electricity that is drawn from all the other power generation sources that use fossil fuels to brake these things at times when the wind is strong.

That's why these blow.

The claims made on how many homes are powered are exaggerated.

They make industrialists rich, drain tax bases, and eat birds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that as part of their regular diet.

It is a non-environmentally friendly system yet they are promoted by government leaders who basically get their information by those who are selling them for profit.

All those who profit making gobs of money off these things live elsewhere, the windmills are never in their back yards because these things SUCK.

While at the base I noticed how some living birds that escaped the massive blades were busy eating mosquitoes thus saving us from having to use industrial solutions.

It's the cycle of spin.

Yes, again, the question is asked, why are we using pesticides to kill bird food? Experts who all make money from these mechanisms tell us "to kill viruses they carry from other sides of the planet, they are vectors" yet this makes no sense as viruses also have natural predators. Windmills have no predators.

We don't need to keep poisoning our planet to fix things and we don't need more energy sources which to make them require more energy and disruption of our planet to "fix things" as our world has become an endless industrialization that is repeatedly fixing what needs to be fixed by destroying the planet, unless of course you want to keep all that money flowing into all these investors systems that are making it so they can all be rich so they can waste gobs of energy with their mansions, boats, cars, and energy wasting lifestyles while the streets keep getting filled with homeless, dead birds, and no natural bird food for the survivors to eat.

What kind of planet does that create?

I met a man who maintains and repairs these things, who goes high up to the top and replaces the brakes that keeps the blades from spinning too fast, repairs all the electronics, lubricates parts and adds gallons of oil for lubrication, and says they draw power with huge motors to spin the blades using electricity that is manufactured in fossil fuel power plants. First hand.

So before yet another sleazy salesman trying to get your community to fall for the promises of a cleaner future or ill informed politician or green energy monster babble stuff to you about how wind energy is going to save the world ask them how much energy is used to keep them running and how many barrels of oil is used to lubricate all the moving parts and how little energy they actually produce which is like 17%* of what they claim, and how many mosquito eaters are massacred by wind energy** they won't give you an answer because they all live in the clouds and don't have a clue and ask them how well movie makers could function without reliable fossil fuels energy.

Imagine a day free of these view destructive monstrosities

I want them all recycled.

 *never providing kilowatt HOURS of energy in their figures just maximum kilowatt if they were running day and night with endless wind at the exact speeds necessary. They only produce like 17% of what's claimed they can power like when they say "oooooo they can power 150,000 homes" sure a washer for an hour a month in 150,000 homes which of course then causes climate change anyway because the motors that are powered generate heat.

**these dead birds are often eaten by predators such as rats when they fall to the ground so they are not discovered by the agencies that try to track this bird holocaust

Old washers are more fascinating to watch than CGI

They have such class like old movies from the 20's and 30's that just cannot be recreated. I have placed the link to this washing machine collection movie further down so you might read all of this which is another technique in presenting your viewers.

I am purposely featuring only a clip here from the start of the movie and not one showing the beauty of the machines inside. This is a technique that leaves more to the imagination and teases and gives a sense of intrigue though it might work in reverse in that it does not show enough to really capture the viewer's attention. I am hoping the viewer wonders what's behing that curtain. I also took the snapshot and added water droplet effect for fun. As a comparison here is a snap of one of the washers featured in the film. Consider these kinds of tools when presenting what you have to offer in your film.
watch movie
Note the use of credits at the end of the movie.
Here is one of the out of this world washers you will see in the movie.

all images are the property of their respective holders not mine

Also of note, I just passed up on buying a set of washers in a beautiful turquoise color, Maytags from the 50's, because I thought it would be too hard to get them moved and probably need repairs. You can see how stunning these things are for the lucky human who bought them here.

What happened to the camera

Someone please explain to us how it is possible to film a nuclear blast up close as we have seen portrayed during the 1950's and the camera does not shake or disappear and disintegrate.
how can a camera not shake in the 1950's when it shakes all the time today
Looks like a model home. I mean as in train set.

Movie shows how we can use fewer wires

Since the so called green new deal will be cutting fossil fuels out of our lives and plastic coatings made from petroleum will be banned in many applications we need to be aware of alternative methods of moving sound. Note also in the moving image portrayal the lack of nauseating split screen effect.

Civil war declared on coal mines the movie

here we have climate nuts declaring civil war on coal mines. Although this was a short film and was filmed without a tripod it presented the scene effectively so that the viewer could experience the sense of being there.

Green New Deal includes "clean energy" that uses fossil fuels constantly

AOC presents on her feed a video showing the fantasy of removing carbon from the environment so we are all saved thank you Jesus. She presents windmills of course as a solution but unfortunately wind energy uses electricity - USES ELECTRICITY - which all comes from fossil fuels. Wind energy is 100% dependent on the use of fossil fuels. The image also shows a high speed train which I guess we are to believe will be powered by wind. It's a joke. It's kindergarten thinking.

Note how she borrows Trump's "Art of the Deal" slogan. I thought she hated anything to do with him. I think she should use MAGA as "Make Alexandria Great Again" as it seems everything is about her own perspective. She is the newest youngest thing in Congress and has also claimed that detention centers holding illegal immigrants who come here illegally which is illegal are concentration camps. No one seems to get through to her that she is mistaken but they try. Reminds me of how I was as a Fundamentalist Christian teenager telling everyone to get saved, that was for one's soul. She goes around telling everyone we need to save the soul of Momma planet as if momma isn't older and wiser.

One of the Polish government representatives offered her a tour of the Polish concentration camps of the Holocaust where millions died, so she could learn and see first hand the horrors of what happened. She stupidly refused. If it were you or me, people who are smarter than this twit, we would take our cameras and document and create a fantastic film, of course, using TRIPODS so we had a stable image and when we got home we wouldn't dump rivers of music on it causing it to drown.

Giant goldfish found in Niagara River

The photo is from some years back showing a 14 inch goldfish that was claimed to have been flushed down someone's toilet and got into the river where it had a chance to live a long life and grow very big. They say for people not to do this, return a goldfish to the store instead. I believe that would waste energy.

I think it's more like the goldfish illegally migrated from a Koi pond in China somewhere trying to cross from Canada into New York. Oh someone got "offended" again and of course now Joy Behar is mad and protestors are outside my internet again calling for a ban on words. How they know it was flushed is more like a guess but what really makes me wonder is about all the bacteria that get's flushed down toilets when we poop, there should be images of 14 meter long bacteria I would guess. (image by Niagara Water Keeper and THE BASIC story seems to have originated at WKBW)

Oregon keeps wasting energy

Once a mostly Republican state they are now filled with rich liberal Californians who brought their lunatic climate policies there, force feeding it to everyone. The Republicans find it revolting so the leaders bailed on the vote, then the Governor called out the posse to round them up and make them vote while the climate changed another day. They must get it under control or we are all doomed to spin off into another galaxy. To delay it another day is mad. Their latest climate bill contains taxes on gasoline. So as we add another carbon tax, people who have to work more to pay these taxes, which uses more energy. Don't worry, all we have to do is build more windmills that use energy.

Made by the Flintstones

Fox News presented this clip of Congress's newest wackiest member who refuses to apologize for erroneously presenting the government's holding of illegal aliens in detention centers to the Nazi Holocaust. She insists the detention centers are concentration camps. More important though is how moving image presenters portray things. This image below shows an detention center of horrible editing, first using that awful overused unnecessary computer program that splits the center image and places it in a fuzzy way on each side to "fill in" blank space, making the image of her look like a little box.

It appears they went one step further fuzzing out whatever she was wearing, so we have about 18% of the entire image viewable. What nonsense. Maybe they did this to just make her look bad after all she's continually calling a duck a quack. If that is why you use this technique to purposely make a statement that is fine though I would be careful to not over use it. If you are using it to make your moving image scenario "look better", well, just look at this and really think about that. One of the big problems with it is the left/right side then presents movement in the main image a second time but split, this can be nauseating, literally, I have thrown up my dinner watching these at times. Using black or white or a pattern that does not move or 1,000,000 other things is 10 times better than this. In fact look at the clear section, it is a square, that square should have been enlarged to fill almost the entire screen. When you make a movie ask yourself, would u get sick if you was forced to be watching a movie presented by crazy congress people as you sat in what felt like a concentration camp watching the moving images you just created about the Nazi Holocaust for 24 hours straight?

An old episode of Matlock gets it right

They were in the house looking around after it was ransacked. Pictures askew, camera steady. The woman notices a ticking, gets Matlock to get the heck out of there in a hurry. As they are coming outside the boom happens and we see the house exploding from inside. We see maybe be 5 different camera angles all spliced together to run in a few seconds showing the explosion. The camera never shook. The house shook, the actors shook, the explosive gasses shook, as they all should. Camera should aways be steady. What we would see today is camera shake all over the place in a jumbled mess "showing action". It's an awful over used, did I say over used, I meant to say terribly over over prooverused technique.

Getting the Shaft

"Shaft" is now playing and I think you will go see it as this is a funny and fantastic film. The proper use of CGI and tripods alone have created a foundation for a perfect blend of movie making entertainment. It also brings to the viewer a refreshing perspective of the 1970's.

Great iMovies are often simple and inspired and made by nice people and animals

One was made by an employee in a business that sold appliances, where she fit herself inside the washer to show how big the bin was. It was ROFL funny.

Here is another made by mans best friend.

there is another somewhere on the internet that was made in 2011 and has since received over 197 million views!
The kooks and kons in Berkeley city council proud to be "first" to ban natural gas in new home construction to save the world from evil fossil fuels. Thing is, natural gas powers many new electricity plants including that in Desert Hot Springs. In the desert there this new reliable sustainable energy source keeps the power on to run all those climate change inducing air conditioners running so people don't die. So to cut emissions they are banning gas so that people will need to use more electricity which is more costly than natural gas but more natural gas will be burned to make that electricity. Notice the scam yet? They will make more money on higher priced electricity.
That's energy. That's more time at work, more electricity used, more natural gas burned, all to save the planet. It's a big scam.

Charges being dropped against Kevin Spacey.  Once again the mob rule is wrong. The bandwagons all veer off another cliff. Once again medias hype up garbage turning moving imagery into a trash dump. They all piled on him like a hot rock. They all reveled in their own super absorbantism to sell you carbon infused mattery liquid goo. All the electricity used caused climate to change yet again. 

Camera work these days sucks. The tripod was invented decades ago, actually it was invented thousands of years ago, and it's hardly ever used in filming anymore. Used to be a staple, now the camera is all over the place as if the operators are drunk. Everything moving, images floating in circles, Blair Witch nauseating effects, even the commercials these days are horrible. I can't watch anything unless I am drunk, sleepy, and wear sunglasses and that is the only time it steadys. It should be a law that all moving images be made steady because hellooooo they are already moving images they don't need to be drunk. I started watching Sunday Night Football instead as the camera work there is more steady, and I hate football.


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