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shhhhhh the imovies about to start and end here

Man discovers a world free of viruses!

this is what was presented to the world when television was still young and before the internet could look it over and see glaring flaws not from the sun but from the flat earth below see if you notice the glare, it was supposed to be a space walk but it's really just a total joke which before imovies was not possible to notice safely and effectively without using drugs

Men with lunch pails 1897 shortest film ever made on planet Urth

Vagabonding on the Pacific 1927 John Barrymore scene where two men are arm and arm


The Unknown 1927 with Joan Crawford this movie has a great little gay scene see if you catch it

Your Family 1958 the home movie arrives but is there time to watch it 

The Desert Empire part III 1948 a study in emissions and what to do about them

Train leaves Ogden Utah across the deserts while transporting passengers and disinfecting the air with it's carbon cleansing emissions. There is no better air cleaning and energy saving device. Carbon in your water filters. Carbon in your air. Carbon in your sugary soda. These filters added to the air do not have to be changed, Mother Nature handles changing them regularly using climate, that is what they mean by climate change. Black Rock is also featured in this film of course playing it's part in climate theater and imovies.


Quality Street 1927
silent film remembering a time when quality was king and drama was queen of imovies.


Too Many Mamas 1924 fun early comedy about cheating on your wife @


Conway Tearle Silent Film Star Original 8x10 Photograph on eBay and imovies


Tip for new producers and flat earth shaking scripts get on the new bandwagon exposing the torturous lies of virology which is an industry built on illusions. Viruses have no physical form, if you question my authority as a producer director investigator on this then please present an isolated virus in physical form to our lab for review, no one in the world has been able to do this ever. Viruses do not exist. If they are not in physical form they do not exist. They are dangerous unicorns. They are a movie script idea. They are in the imagination. They are not real. The imovies show never ends.

In making moving images and still photographs composure is one element that can make it shine. In a still photo of Jack Palance from The Lonely Man 1956 which also starred Anthony Perkins from
Psycho 1960 I noticed a positioning of the two subjects, the horse and Jack, in a unique imovies position. I'm not sure if this was purposely set up this way but look at the horses hoofs positioned between Jack's legs. Unique and provocative composure can be key to great imagery be they moving or not. Be creative!

as the hellth snare systems

all started sinking after hitting

the slice Berg in Germany

slimultaneously the other disaster

 C;D;C imovies

stepped in to suggest a variety of

prevention techniques instead of helping

people board the life jackets and then

governments that fly planes while

building them made demands banning

the public use only uncertain safety vices

they were still busy designing amidst

device of their lawyers as that would

present a portfolio risk to sail the high

slease without having the subjects tested

foremost for selling sea shells at the sea shore

without government imovies enter ference

as each shell needs to be te$ted for 666 trillion


their indoor air started rotting

from chemical waste

imported from Wuhan

to kill what lemon and vinegar

would do if the invisibles had a brain

and as people died from these VOC

 blame portrayed the dangerous unicorn

that always wore foreskin face cream

"to look pretty"

as the public started figuring out

that the invisible threat hunters just make everything up


3 Smart Girls theater window sold on eBay

theater show times and admission cost of 10 cents left intact

sold for 293 88/100 intact US dollar value

unlike childrens foreskin that is sliced off

and put in women's face cream

offense not considered in that routine imovies showing always playing

of that horror flick

in hospitals throughout the Unintact States of America


silent fims are best when they are silent! "Now We're In The Air" 1927

Clara Bow starred in many silent films check out these photos of her

her original vintage Wedgewood stove restored imovies by her son is on eBay

she was a clown

funny pic of Mary Pickford climbing tree in 1926 silent film "Sparrows"

a thriller about EPA saying citric acid kills viruses should not be silent


You'v seen THIS theatrical performance over 100x what is it?


 . . . The birth of sellebration of the the savior of imaginary construct of the Roman Empire is December 25 then a week later the istists go on to another dominant religious cult ceremony of horror flicks which rhymes with getting their fix January 1st being Christiandom's "The Feast of the Circumcision of Christ" it's no wonder he never came back and we have to guess never will unless he's into being sexually abused as a baby a 2nd time by Sizzor Guy or humanity puts an end to such abuse of saviors it's like HalloY2Kweeny is every day for this cult that pretends to cover their sins in Jesus foreskin blood 666,666,666 palm size sections of the most sacred part of a man's body sacrificed to the Med I Sin gods in total so farish or some otherist entity someone's everyone got their priorities unstraighted in 2020 hindsight shows us the world's not a stage it's an orchestra pit moving on back to the real world of never ending fantasy to imovies feel better and avoid fixing Jesus broken body so it never happens again news flash he returned to celebrate his birthday and was crucified again for not believing in viruses so forget his suffering let's watch the elephant in the room . . . . . . end of part 1


s u d d e n l y  there were imovies


the elephant fainted find out why in part 2

those trying to save the planet ruined it

You'll never guess who said,
"Whoever came up with the term clean energy screwed up people's minds.......electricity is responsible for 25% of emissions"
 it was Bill Gates

the entire wind & solar industry is facing a total collapse 30 years and no one would listen so they carpeted the planet with disabled energy sticks and panels of black heat absorbing and emitting schitzo energy to fill pipelines and portfolios of those who aready have your inflationary cash pouring in non stop instead of giving everyone a home I mean what right does anyone have to have a home?

it is nice though in the theme of equal treatment of energy that they created vast handicapped parking areas to accomodate the disabled solar and wind farms who struggle every day to produce anything

"we would pretty much have to destroy the environment in order to produce the same amount of electricity that fossil fuels are producing today"

what stupid company or politician or leader or imovies hyperprooveractivistwould promote this crap?

Siemens Energy value as a company dropped similar to how 500 gallons of hydraulic oil drops and burns from a towering windscraper bird shredder piece of disabled garbage energy onto the ground as it burns and fake saves the planet

it went to an amazing $6.66 after 666 people pointed out the sky is oil falling on their heads

carbon blanket charity seeks donations


 Cowboy From Sundown 1940
SINOPSIS: In Dangerous Unicorn territory the sheriff thinks
he needs to quarantine all the cattle due to his herd mentality
"to keep the people safe" while the behind the scenes the banker
is scheming to corrall the cash cow imovies
THEN the sheriff discovers the real cause and all WELLth ness breaks loose


Fuzzy Bear presents "The Stolen Jooles"

campy scene in the police station

make door knobs great again


add more sparkling theater "The Devil Diamond"

here is scientific proof lifes struggles are fun


"he was reaching for his imaginary device to watch imovies"


Richard Dix is presented in "Womanhandled" 1925

When Kovid fell off the runway they all rushed in
and many were quoted as saying "I caught Kovid"


Then theys discovered a movie set on the world's stage

but there were too many orchestrated pits

so theyz stopped following the Carbon Dioxide Cult (C;D;C) guidelines

And who's this Doctor McSpikey dude dude running around with a common corona? Seems he caught an oil slick as he promotes his corona cures he can't even avoid corona himself. Fact is we eat a cold and flu and common corona we don't catch it. We create disease we don't catch it.

He hustles his spike protein cure like any good traveling salesman would.

 We live in a world free of viruses dude did you not get the memo sure you did you threw it out after Christine Massey presented the memo and letter from California Department of PublicHELLth that stated they do not have evidence of any virus existing and you ran away and hid under your bed and next day went out to the playground with your friends selling gum and stealing lunch money from taxpayers. This man is especially trouble as he goes around to governing agencies and committees and councils spreading lies and junk science. In one presentation during the height of the fear campaign and lies about kovid-19 falling off the runway and everyone rushing in to catch him he mentions rather Speedy Gonzalaz like that

"When Omicron shaded and we know Omicron is the dominant variant because the departments of community hellth have taken a representative sample [that is an "in silico" model not as in a model walking the runway as in Kovid on Project Runway but merely a calculator's number crunching result with endless infinite possibilities] they do full what's called "in silico" modeling sequencing and we know now that 99% of the strains in the United States as they are elsewhere in the world are Omicron. In a paper by Gilliam and colleagues published in South Africa based on MODELING of the now changed spike protein it was determined that [named 3 drugs] would actually not sufficiently target [the virus].


What he just said is a pile of nonsense. It's not based in reality. Models of numbers, no physical form, how can he know 99% of these are strains of Omicron. It's all Hustle In Virology (HIV). Papers on viruses never reference any proof of physical object with such magical destructive powers. Spike protein drinks? Laughable junk science.

Read report on "in silico" science as in Silcon Valley science that studies viruses not in physical for but rather by computer algorythms and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE also known as junk science and lies and story telling and crunch time throw shit together and get it out the door and see if they buy it and count the cash flow. WATCH presentation here where Dr. McSpikey Wellness Pusher is in committee hearing explaining his nonsense of what is basically claiming a pong ball in that 1970's "in silico" version of ping pong called "PONG" would be a real ball. This is what is being presented, that a video version of a "virus" never actually physically even proven to exist, is real using this junk science hustle of finding them using a computer. Most people just go along with the hustle as they don't really understand what is being presented. He's a very slick and sly fellow as is that entire  industry that slammed you in a room for 3 years to make you wellness which anyone with a brain understands is not about wellness it's about wealthness.

EPA says citric acid kills viruses so why are we poisoning our public spaces with Quaternary Amonium Cat Ions (QACI - pronounced "quacky") and why do we keep putting QUACKS in charge of Med I Sin? Theys are gassing us!


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