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Ellen and Sandra Bullock still need to apologize to 1 billion men, boys, and babies

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       The Grinch
(2018) on IMDb    The Girl in the Spider's Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story
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OVERLORD   Overlord
(2018) on IMDb


LA Film Festival ends

After 18 years they are saying "cut".


Green Book opens 11/21

read the review


STOP injecting love stories into my movies!

I love this dudes exclamation. Hollywouldn't stop making films with love stories embedded.



Michael Moore's "flipped 9/11" movie bombs

It's called Farenheit 11/9 which is supposed to be the date Trump won. Moore is a flaming liberal who has been "exposed repeatedly as a dishonest film maker" says John Nolte. Moore's movies suck. His Farenheit 9/11 was a success. It was groundbreaking, and was done in another time where it looked at the most unthinkable humanity could imaging ever happening when the World Trade Towers were both bombed with jetliners (or military planes as the conspiracists would say). Those towers collapsed, thousands killed in one morning. Congress and President Bush declared war a year or so later. The topic was titilating. Moore freshly did a documentary that captured our attention. This new film is merely regurgitating what we already know about Trump and have heard endlessly. Don't ever make movies like this. Great review on

Actively stomping out bad camera work

In this movie the camera does not shake. The narration is fantastic as well.


I can not even watch many TV programs due to drunken camera work like Modern Family, it's awful. I do not know what kind of camera was used in the above movie but it's great. If you see bad moving image making contact your representative. I also have a couple of comments about this fix it yourself movie, one, he drives the car up onto ramps and says "It's always a good idea to put blocks behind the wheels." OMG no, it's not just a good idea, it's a MANDATORY AND NECESSARY step. That should be emphasized. Also not just blocks in the back, but in front of the back wheels as well, both of them, both sides. The other comment I have is how it's so amazing that this guy has a simple way of figuring out where an exhaust leak is, yet the experts can not figure out where the leak is. This kind of thing happens in the world all too frequently, that is why we all need to be careful who we listen to when experts say one thing or another. 

Crazy Rich Asians keeps boxing the top office showing us that people want to see fantasy films about being rich and falling in love as it's something they really can relate to, it's fresh, fun, and fast

The Predator is not doing as well, people have seen these computer imagery movies already, aliens, good vs. evil so many times, yawn

 The B-word used to be forbidden but not in this 2 minute LOL movie called Palm Springs Bitch


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Exercise Desert Rock

Set up by the Department of Defense in the 1950's soldiers sat and watched an atomic bomb explode. The exercise was "to dispel much of the fear and uncertainty surrounding atomic radiation and the effects of these rays." At about 17 minutes in is where the atomic bomb is set off where we see the soldiers looking at it in the near distance and not affected basically at all other than the sound and a slight movement of air. It contrasts what most medias have presented to the public for decades where we see a building blown to smitherines this movie represents reality as it shows not the center of the explosion but the wider view which indicates that the explosive force is limited to a small area. It's also stated that even 2 miles from the blast there is negligible radiation or damage to the foxholes that were dug there where they left their weapons as a test to see what damage there would be. It also shows how moving images can present both reality and illusions as are widely presented in commercial medias while using the same objects, in this case a nuclear bomb explosion. This film can be viewed by clicking on the photo below.

R-word comes up yet again

I will say the word, it's RACE. Race keeps coming up with words. As re-diculous as it is there seems to be no end  to it. This time it's by Colin Farrel who defends his use of words in his new movie "Widows". Kanye West doesn't defend his use of the same words as we see and hear in his latest VE (visual expression). Obviously the discussions about certain words is racist. Discussions should stop their racist behavior.

Also of note is the paradox where liberals are so sensitive to certain words like that in the video so as to not offend and they demand the express leashing of words, yet they use the B-word all the time for that very purpose, to offend. Maybe Colin is pointing out that very thing.

Macho (2016)

This is a great film. It's not highly rated by the masses but it's fanatics are fun. It's a wonderful love story that is embedded as if it were an app, but you almost wouldn't know that during the film as it portrays a straight guy who pretends to be gay as the career he is in is fashion, where you are expected to be gay. BTW that's gay, not LGBTTTT+and- etc. The camera work is superb. Laugh a minute.
(2016) on IMDb

Silent films are making a silent comeback

Not much fanfare, just a quiet return to the silver screen, though they likely are not silent as they still would contain way too much music. There should be absolute silence for it to be labeled a silent film. I watched a couple of movies this last year where there was so little music and it was fabulous. more on this subject

Italian film maker flaunts "Harvey Weinstein is innocent" t-shirt at festival

You go girl! The industry that used to coddle rebellion has found it's rebellion, at least somewhere. From what I can gather there was no definitive comment by Luciano Garagnini on it's meaning. It can be stated it is artistic expression though for sure, which all film makers and viewers should give a big non-breast touching (goes for men too) hug. Next time a woman touches a man's breast as was done by the preacher and Ariana Grande, all #mentoo movements should break loose.

London Independent Film Festival could not handle presenting a film on HIV/AIDS
Warning: Image depicted in the middle of this story here might scare some sensitive viewers.

In 2016 the LIFF dropped "Positive Hell" from it's venue as the film took an unconventional view, actually rather rebellious view, to the standard beliefs surrounding virology called HIV/AIDS.  It's odd to see an industry that has in the past prided itself on rebellion and unorthodoxy take such a position yet this is the norm when it comes to this subject matter.

The Devil is in the virus and the mind
No one is allowed to question authority when it comes to HIV/AIDS even when pioneers saw AIDS drugs killing people in the dark ages of the 1980's and 90's. iMovies would gladly present such a film allowing the audience to be the judge and the authority, not us. Interestingly the movie was presented anyway amid fear of protest, which never materialized. Positive Hell official site

Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women (1967)

As described on the Internet Archive where this is some discussion about the techniques used in the making of this and how it presents itself to the viewer, 'A team of astronauts crashes on the surface of Venus. Accompanied by their robot, they explore the surface and end up destroying the Venusian God. This film is also known as "The Gill Women" and "The Gill Women of Venus".'

On the space ship were astronaut Howard Sherman (looks like Captain Kirk) and Captain Afred Kern who created robot John.

astronaut Howard Sherman
Captain Kirk?

Captain Alfred Kern creator of robot John
Are those "Spock" ears?

robot John
Looks like the Lost In Space robot.

A stupendous introduction
In the first minute of a 10 minute movie critiquing a vape product the producer entertains then catches the viewer by surprise with some humor adding it at just the right time and then makes you feel like you are right there as he tells you he will wait until you stop laughing.

In this next film of the same product notice the perspective - she drops the unit into a big fancy glass container filled with water - we immediately see next the perspective of the unit looking through the water and vase. The producer also adds elements of fun.

Petition to ban Netflix "fat shaming" series "Insatiable" gets over 100k signatures according to Breitbart
In contrast the "caucasion shaming" movie "Dear White People" got 10 supporters

Required viewing: Hard

La La Land producer says Trump's destroyed walk of fame star is "gorgeous"
well that makes that producer's films now feel rather dirty to me

Recent views:
Colossal starring Anne Hathaway   Resolution starring Peter Cilella
Colossal was great. There was a moral to the story but a little tricky to spot. Anne was awesome. Problem is today we read that Anne had to open her political mouth and show how she's racist against her own race! Actors should never get into politics. Now she's left a bad image, sorta like the film strip melting.
Resolution was fascinating, slow, irritating, intriguing and confusing. It was trying to say something but like seeing someone that just fell from a tree and got the wind knocked out of them you have to be patient.

Western Auto sign relit once again in Kansas City

Instead of rebuilding the sign with neon and incandescent light bulbs as before they of course, as is the trend, switched to light emitting diodes which seem much too bright to me everywhere I see them. see it lit up here

What is wrong with this picture besides Waldo not being in it?

Using lighting in a review where your eyes show bizarre rings in the pupils is a bad technique. Eyes should never look like this on camera. The lighting otherwise is good and the review is extremely well done but he talks faster than a speeding bullet, so fast your DNA may have already heard what he had to say as it's so fast that it warped the time sound continuum here on Earth 7 thousand light years in the past. His reviews on vaping are done very well though.

"Skyscraper" (2018)
I think this film which stars Dwane Johnson aka The Rock who appeared in a film which was an over the top into another universe film that was just horrible called San Andreas about the California earthquake of the century, is much better even though it seems to rely on similar exaggerated graphics. Without having seen "Skyscraper" but only relying on previews, the effects would not be UNBELIEVABLE as it was in San Andreas. Here is a review from Alonso Duralde.

Roe v Wade movie can be funded by you
here at Gofundme   read more about this film here
They hope to release this film by fall 2018 when the newest Supreme Court Justice is confirmed. It's said to expose the lies behind how the court was moved to make abortion legal. Here is a partial description: "We open the movie with the story of how it all began. It all started with a woman named Margaret Sanger. She was the founder of Planned Parenthood. Her initiative was called the Negro project, and as she gives a speech in the movie at a KKK rally, she describes her intentions to reduce the growth of African American population in our country."

Cinema For All

Sony Pictures "accidentally" releases new movie Khali The Killer" (2018) on Youtube full movie instead of trailer

I read the article about  this on Entertainment Weekly stating that they "corrected the error" 8 hours later. I looked up the film on Youtube and saw the following snapshot but this makes me wonder how is it that the trailer was released 5 months ago and supposedly Sony just released it accidentally?? I think this is a marketing ploy, and a very fresh one at that. Odd thing is, I sorta want to see this movie now even willing to pay $3.99 to see it. I think maybe this is one now 2 great ways of having ever introduced a film to drum up attention at little or no cost, it compares to how they introduced The Blair Witch Project whereas they screened it to a limited group pretending that it was a documentary. The media coverage of that event that fooled everyone brought so much attention that everyone wanted to see it. Either that, or this film was so bad they figured it would get better attention giving the impression that it was available for a limited time. I think we nailed it.

Tim Robbins receives 2018 Crystal Globe award for most impacting cinema
Likens the character from Back To The Future named Biff who was a bully to our current president that all of Hollywood hates, Donald Trump.  Also says we are now puppets of propaganda because of computing. That computes.

Meet the man running movie pass

article in the Miami Herald online  stock now has done a reverse split

REVIEW: "The Guest" (2014)
 The Guest
(2014) on IMDb

This is a great movie! A thriller and mystery film with a stunning ending. Well thought out and presented. Great camera work. A fun film for Halloween as well. Don't even watch the trailer or get a better description, just go get it on Netflix

REVIEW: "The Orinthologist" (2016)
 The Ornithologist
(2016) on IMDb

Somewhat gay oriented, or is that BTLGQWERTY? This film is a bit slow and soothing. It takes you with a man who studies birds in the wild and presents a view of his experience as seen by the viewer and those who he's studying. There is a definite shift in a number of pointed parts of his journey that takes him to a place of self discovery that is rather not expected. The ending was rather lame. I found it confusing. It's worth seeing especially if you are a QWERTY or curious type. It's on Netflix.

Better than Moviepass
by June 20, 2018

Every movie there ever is and ever will be are iMovies. These are AMC movies and various distributor and producer movies at a really good price though one day iMovies will be the best deal anyone will ever get in the history of mankind.

Smirks never lie nor do they tell the truth
by June 20, 2018

They always say something. Here we see a NASA answerer keep smirking when answering highly technical well thought out questions. This is odd. I had a friend that did this whenever he made things up that were pretty far from the truth. Kids play these games all the time with each other. So do grown-ups.

Click on the image above to view the movie which starts at 13.00.00. This segment starts earlier in the film.

Ellen and Sandra Bullock are both sexist
by June 17, 2018

Ellen had Sandra Bullock on as a guest and the two of them laughed about Sandra having a facial that contained baby penis foreskins in it. Would Ellen laugh with a male guest that talked about women's private parts cut off and put into a men's facial? I think not. There would be outrage by both of them and the audience and #metoo and certain female lawyers.

iMovies has decided in response to this shocking offensive display by these two powerful celebrities to start removing all references to Sandra Bullock and Ellen just like corporations are so quickly removing all references to male actors and producers who have been blasted for allegedly treating women poorly even before they have gone to trial.

In this case iMovies is certain that Bullock & Ellen are participating in the act of treating baby men poorly, many many of them, thousands, millions even, by using a product made of male body parts and making a joke out of this barbaric horror that is harms many men for their entire lives. Every time they take a piss they are visually reminded of this cutting procedure that needs to seriously and quickly be OUTLAWED.

Those those who would laugh about using products made from baby foreskin that comes from baby penises that is routinely hacked off without the babies permission when they are more vulnerable than any adult woman who claims inappropriate behavior by a man are sick. Women as adults who keep accusing men of inappropriate behavior need to look in the mirror if they found this Ellen and Bullock interview and this topic funny. They are sexist and have a problem.

iMovies will no longer participate in or promote anything to do with Ellen and her guest Sandra Bullock both of whom laughed and laughed about this atrocity. If the situation was reversed iMovies allege that the these two Hollywood elitists would shun the act of a man using face cream made of female private parts.

iMovies demands that Ellen and Bullock publicly and widely apologize and change their tune about this horror that continues to affect males in many nations around the world and call for those concerned to boycott Ellen's show, her products, and anything to do with Ellen and Sandra Bullock.

further reading

Ellen guest had penis foreskin on her face (and egg as well)

YouTube star Riyadh Khalaf calls the two celebrities out

watch American Circumcision the movie

"Sandra Bullock swears that anyone, including Ellen DeGeneres, will see the penis facial results and "run to your local facialist and say, 'Give me the penis.'""

Globally approx. 38% of men are circumcised [Morris et al. 2016]. This figure is based on the most detailed analysis to date.

There is nothing funny about hacking off baby boy body parts and putting it on the faces of rich snobs. I demand a personal apology from both of these entertainers as they made fun of the horror of what continues to this day affecting males all around the world. Circumcision is child abuse. They can write me at and I will publish their apology if they commit to helping end this barbarianism.

White fill

I don't see why they can't fill the left/right side of a vertical video with plain white. It would look better than this common technique. It looks so unprofessional and is horribly distracting when there is motion. This one was on Gizmodo.

And where are all the horizontal fills on other ones found everywhere? When watching a movie that's a thin strip of wide movie that goes across the TV or computer screens there is never any fills on top or below. Imagine watching a movie with this split fill. OMG/NO. So why is it considered fine for vertical?

Roseanne For President (2015)  Roseanne for President!
(2015) on IMDb
by June 13, 2018

Judging only by recent events, her recent reboot of "Roseanne" and it's plug pulling, her comedy career, her Star Spangled Banner rendition, and the trailer only, I think this movie is worth watching. In 2015 she actually ran for president of the United States. In the movie she points out how ridiculous it was for Democrats to think that Jill Stein could win.

In life she points out through humor so many things. The world is so duped by medias these days. They are the ones in control, not Republicans, not Democrats, media. They cater to drama. In covering the drama that started with Roseanne's post on Twitter and Valerie Jared (who looks like a Caucazoid - Roseanne did not know that she was a Negroid or a some kind of combination zoid) medias of all sorts all jumped on the bandwagon of trashing her for alleged racial slurity.

America and many other media driven parts of the world are now becoming hypersensitive instead of bastions of freedom. People can't joke a take like they used to. Roseanne was cutting edge comedy which includes sometimes clunky bad jokes that poke fun.

Instead of realizing and accepting that Roseanne made a simple mistake, the public ordered the execution of her and then ABC ordered the guillotine. With one quick slice the head of a successful reboot was chopped. It was the best thing on TV. 18.5 million viewers proved this yet it's the hypersensitivities that are routinely promoted by all the liberals that killed it. They have been bashing anyone and everyone about hypersensitive race issues for decades. There isn't a day on TV morning shows that goes by where they don't trash someone for saying "the wrong thing" or the "A-Z word".

I wish Roseanne would have won the presidency.

It would have been so much more fun. Imagine liberals laughing their asses off along with conservatives instead of the crap we see on TV now. I'm sure it would have changed a lot of things, and best of all, I'm sure she would have created another opportunity to sing the Star Spangled Banner again but this time on the White House lawn.

If it changed one life it would have made it all worth it. Instead, the Hypersensitive Party continues to rule and TV pretty much sucks.

Curve (2016) did what it's title says to viewers   Curve
(2015) on IMDb
by June 12, 2018

The "bad guy" character named Christian played by the handsome Teddy Sears was actually a good guy.

OMG what? This film maker Iain Softely and writers are brilliant.

Most people think Mallory was the victim. Most people can't get past the fear presented by how in many ways she's presented as the innocent one while Christian's horrifying actions toward her are seen with over the top drama. Most of what he presented to her ws at first in jest with many additional clunky types of sexual flirtation that Mallory misread, he misread her cues, she gave the wrong cues.

Mallory was actually was the "bad guy" in this film. Yes indeed. She was the lunatic that drove the car off the cliff. She was the nut case that constantly treated him like shit and continually tried to kill HIM.

It's fascinatingly obvious to me about how evil the girl was in this film yet 99% of those who have seen this film don't get it. They blame him. They make him out to be the lunatic. The will fight to the death with me to prove that he was the bad guy yet he's not.

In reading one review the critic says this about the "bad guy" character:

[Teddy] Sears is horribly miscast as the supposed hitchhiking headcase, and never once comes across as fearfully authentic. His chiselled good-looks too angelic to be a believable psychopath. He even appears to look embarrassingly awkward when having to use bad language and sexual innuendos." - by Craig Hunter

He doesn't come off "fearfully authentic" because in reality he was not a bad guy!

That was the intent of the film. To throw the audience and Mallory a CURVE.

He was not the psychopath, it was the "innocent girl" that was the psychopath, I mean like really, driving the car off the cliff, what more proof do you need.

People immediately go to the idea that she was in fear for her life and defend all her actions.

Hello? Is anyone home? You don't drive your car off a cliff to save your life.

I loved this film. The subtle mind bending style was executed like no other film ever made. I give it a whopping 10 rating with some caveats, it can be a bit slow. This rating is just a tad higher than the 2017 release of American Circumcision which gets a whopping  American Circumcision
(2017) on IMDb though that may be due to a low vote tally due to the movie receiving a limited audience of people that don't mind letting a male child's private part be hacked off to be put in face cream used by Sandra Bullock and laughed about by Ellen whereas if it were female body parts being hacked off and put in face cream the discussion would be much different.

The Red Hydrogen One smartphone

This unit is big and bulky compared to other phones but it's going to have the capabilities of portability to make movies and photographs that will be absolutely stunning. It uses interchangeable lenses that will be closer to 35 mm camera lenses. Lenses made by Canon, Fuji, Leica, Nikon and more. read all about it

Interesting movie quote

A documentary about migrant farm workers states "One farmer loo
ked at this and said 'we used to own our slaves, now we rent them'"  AND another quote is interesting whereas after the narrator presents the unsanitary living conditions the workers have he interviews a farmer that employs the migrant workers and says that the migrant farm workers are the happiest people on earth. as stated in a McGraw Hill film on migrant labor Harvest of Shame (1961)

Screen fills are absurd

The autonomous vehicle with computers that crash crashed. So then the dash cam video film editor decided to split the image so it will fill the width of horizontal space. The split fill logic says that if it's split once making a total of 1 plus 1/2 plus 1/2 scenes all on one movie screen then it's even better to split it 3 times I mean why stop at one split when more is better.
See if you can figure out what is going on here with the extra split. I found this more difficult. There is NO NEED TO FILL THE SCREEN.

How on earth anyone can trust a car that is run by Windows or any operating system other than a human is beyond stupid, but that's another day's subject.
After watching it 5 times it was obvious that if a human was behind the wheel and not Windows XP the car would have easily been kept in control but with the editing it's obvious a human was behind the computer and splitting video to add 1/2 of it on the left side and the other 1/2 to the right side is RETARDED.

It is retarded. Do you copy and cut in half your old square Kodak moments so they "fill the screen"?

In video presentation it makes it harder to see what is going on. Imagine
if they did this to Cheers to make a square image fit the full width of the screen by splitting it or did this to any old TV show like I Love Lucy or Andy Griffith, that would be the most absurd thing in editing.

Don't be a retarded image editor, or viewer, as we look more carefully at the presentation we see that what they did was split the image in half, widen it excessively and abnormally, adding a central focus image in the middle. This is equally as retarded.

Oh wait, that's wrong too, they didn't just split it, they pasted a center focus scene in the middle which is more retarded that a box of chocolates.


Loud music

I do not like when movies are made where you are watching and listening to the dialogue and then the music TAKES OVER like it's screaming at you. Then there's the gunfire and slamming of stuff that happens which is even louder. This problem happened throughout "24 Hours To Live". I have to turn down the volume then turn it back up to hear the dialogue. That got old so then I just left the volume down and had to depend on subtitles. No one should be forced to read movies. Don't make this flaw when you are creating a masterpiece.

Here is a film made that shows the village of Apsiou in the Greek island of Cyprus.

Paddington 2 is now playing in theaters or
you can view it now online

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