Send your identity to the Sun?

US Government sponsored NASA seems to have nothing better to do so it’s offering you a chance to send your name on it’s Sun probe which is supposed to help with predicting the weather and stop climate from changing.

I suppose you can watch the one’s and zeros of your name burned to disk burn up when it gets there in your imagination as your name would be incoded onto a thumb drive. VIP passes even available.

This news has insired some thought. The craft is said to have 4.5 inch carbon shields to protect it from the intense radiation causing the temperature to be 2500 degrees F although those are made of “composite” materials, not 100% carbon.

“At atmospheric pressure it [carbon] has no melting point, as its triple point is at ~4,330 degrees C, or 7,820 degrees F [3][4] .”

I wonder what is it’s melting point in space? Space is said to be a vacuum. Is there no melting point in a vacuum?

Looking at the images seems there are numberous parts that would not have this protection, for one, the solar panels, or are they 100% carbon? Never heard of such a thing, silicon is fundamental to solar. Silicon melting point is 2577 degrees F[5]. Is this made of both silicon and carbon? How do we know if the 2500 degree damage point is even accurate?

Other parts like metal poles and brackets could not possibly be protected, they wouldn’t be able to bend.  Are they 100% carbon or a conposite? Is this thing really going up there?

Fusable alloys have a melting point of 361 degrees F [1]. Melting point of silicon which is in solar panels is 2579 F at lower pressure it is about 1832 F at higher pressure. Is there any pressure in a vacuum?

Let’s make a movie presenting the facts that would effectively point out whether we believe this is even possible. Since NASA states the temperature would be 2500 degrees F for serious damage it sure seems this thing wouldn’t make it. One of the key elements we need to determine is determining if there is any pressure in a vacuum as it appears the less pressure the higher the melting points.

There are movies made that say that we never even went to the moon, only to a movie set but those hardly touch on these sets of details. It seems particles determine pressure and there are a wide array of influences that can affect pressure besides particles of matter in space*.

* Wikipedia states “According to modern understanding, even if all matter could be removed from a volume, it would still not be “empty” due to vacuum fluctuations, dark energy, transiting gamma rays, cosmic rays, neutrinos, and other phenomena in quantum physics.”

References 1, 3, 4, 5 found at Wikipedia.