What makes a great actress actor actperson?

Not sure I should even use that word person as it has the male connotation to it and these days everything offends certain homo sapiens some of whom call them selves mee three or something like that. Some consider Amy Adams as beeing a massively better acting thingy than Merryl Streep. I have to agree with the author of this full article that there are many more who might be better, but in one example saying that Sigourney Weaver is better is leaving out important dertermination materials in evaluation. Whenever an acting thingy homosap is being judged on “acting ability” one is mostly limited to what they have acted in. Weaver is well known for Aliens and Dave and some other well received films but who wants to see Aliens more than once? I don’t and it’s not just because I don’t love alien or sci-fi films like others do, it’s that when I think of seeing a sci-fi film and think of seeing Weaver again, I cringe. I’m not even tototally sure why that is. Yes her acting is good, even great in that film, but it’s not good enough to make me overlook how she acts. Not that there’s something seriously wrong with it, it’s just not acting that draws me back in. Great acting includes a style that draws in everyone. Her style is limited somehow. Streep has more variety in style thus when we see her we don’t see the same person all the time, oh sorry, perthing. Streep has done so many roles where I would watch more than once.

Written by Ken Wegorowski. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.