Shift happens

Critics are calling a new Netflix / Will Smith movie bad.

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This was also said at one time about silent films after the shift happened where new technologies helped add sound but this time it’s the other way around.

Small screens at home keep getting bigger and at some point there might not be a reason to go to theaters at all unless a huge shift happens in the theater industry as internet movie streams are making them rather obsolete.

Even though new movie studios like Netflix may not be making the best films right now, a shift is starting to occur, and Netflix is producing some stellar highly rated series’s like “Black Mirror”. It’s only a matter of time they start producing films that exceed that of Hollywood.

The only thing that keeps theaters alive is the connection between old Hollywood where the agreements are to first show movies in theaters, higher quality production in that the best can be hired, but that is changing.

With giant movie streamers like Netflix both producing AND distributing their own films that are instant viewing experiences with high visual quality on home screens where by sitting in the front row of your open concept living space make it like the performance is right there, and microwave popcorn and drinks that are 99.999% cheaper than in theater goer gouging concession stands, why would anyone bring family & friends to a theater and spend $150 for 2 hours of entertainment and refreshments when they can get hundreds and thousands of films, including new releases, for about $25 per month?

I see a day where some of the best films ever made originate here.

Reference the article about a new movie franchise starring Will Smith and faries which is being produced and distributed by one company.

Feature image of Will Smith is a snapshot from the new Netflix film “Bright” not appearing in theaters