Spacex again claims to have shot up and landed a rocket into and out of “space”. Looks more like special effects and hype.

In viewing a video preseneted by RUPTLY regarding what SpaceX claims is their successful rocket launch and land, I can’t help but notice some wildly peculiar oddities. For example, take a look at this snapshot from the movie and look at the foil to the right of this “rocket”. Foil in space? Really? Looks more like a model on earth.

Another odd thing is the white zone on the left which is a super bright white Earth, notice how it’s concave and not convex. This is proof that the Earth is not round or flat but rather space is round.

Maybe it proves that the Earth is black and space is white.

Maybe the flash was so bright it whited out space.

Critically thinking we have to wonder was this space foil unwrapped in space on this unmanned rocket or was it there when it hurled through atmosphere at a billion miles per hour remining so smooth it “reflects” the clouds below, an effect of computer animation? It would be easy to add this effect to a stationery object on just the foil using a computer to make it look like it was moving.

Observing this obviously edited sequence of events (click on the image above to view the video on YouTube) the trained eye and ear can tell that this presentation is not exactly real unless you mean real fake. Notice how they don’t show a side view of it “landing” which appears to be mere reversal of the movie sequence of it taking off.

Then there’s this one below.

When you look at the shadow on the rocket shell the sun is behind the camera yet the edge here is brightly lit. Makes no sense as that would mean the sun is both behind us toward the right while also infront to the left. Simple explanation, there are two suns, or, two studio lights. Maybe it’s the light from the burning fuel but where is the flame? It’s not there. For it to be from “the flame” we would see the flame.

How does one know if this is computer animation or not, I mean it’s like how do we prove these allegations….contact NASA? They do the same stuff, finally admitting it, so there’s really no way to ever prove any of this unless you do what no man has done, go to space. We can certainly take a good look at what is being presented and question and study and vote against going to the moon for the 2nd time since we haven’t been there for the first, and instead funnel those billions into helping the working class movie makers create more wonderful fantasies.

In this image from 17:59 notice the black edge of the rocket booster shell. Why is it now black? Obviously the sun set and the reason the Earth and rocket is lit is from the camera flash.

Frankly this looks like old Bugs Bunny cartoons with the black edge, and is a clear indicator of overlapping or whatever you call that. Also notice another oddity, here we have a round earth, or is it a wide angle lens that does this? Yes.

And what’s with the bubble wrap foil, It’s not even the same in each snapshot. In the last image it’s more crumpled up, no two are exactly the same, but + again what moving vehicle (movile) is wrapped in plastic foil?

Something is also not right with the focus, “Earth” somehow is out of focus further away and in focus closer yet this is supposedly millions of miles away so focus should be the same, and the rocket shell is out of focus also. And again look at the plastic tin foil how it moves as it’s being hurled through space by this rocket. OMG this is hilarious. They expect us to believe this? I guess most people don’t question those in science, especially rocket science because after all it’s rocket science. Also notice how when they show the rocket “landing” image next to this one, they aren’t even remotely possibly presenting two views of the same thing at the same time.

And the control room excitement is obviously staged, it’s too over the top melodramatic to be real.

The reporters are all acting so fake, and actually offended me. They are obviously reading the script in front of them. I guess if presidents can do it so can the rest of us but you might not want to read scripts in order to get the best movie making effect. Better films require that THE ACTORS remember and rehearse their lines and that’s where you should draw the line. The other reason some of us in movie making might not want to do this type of effect though is the thing called credibility. Reporting, news, and documentaries used to be credible, providing a balance with little or no hype, but today so much of it is hype.

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Feature image showing a satellite, space, stars, the Earth, and the world wide web is an original computer generated work of NASA and is in the public domain