Vope on a rope

Vaping on a rope is called voping. I just created that term. The product could be called VOPE or a Vope Rope.

USPTO says the term “vope” is trademarked for driver training, only one record has that term #85538107.

In this film Zophie typically does her movie making in a home studio with a camera set in place. That works well for almost all of her movies. In this one though she is presenting a small portable vape device that can be and should be placed on a rope/necklace for convenience.

It’s staged in the car. She goes through a drive-thru for food. She goes out to a club and shares her vape with others while it’s on her neck. Great way to meet people – one person asks “Can I share your vape?”

She rambles a bit but this presentation is good because it’s showing how in daily life how convenient this product is to have and use. It would be much better if the camera didn’t shake though.

Neutralize camera shake!

Shake OK not OK

Camera shake is used in a couple of segments of the Netflix Black Mirror series where it is used the right way and the wrong way. The first image we see here is of the scene where mom is desperately looking for her 4 year old little girl who got separated from her in the park when she was preocupied with taling with someone. She is screaming “Sarah!” many times, the camera follows the mom, spins around, shows from differrent angles her frustration. Apparently the producer believed that this was good to add the frantic motion to display the confusion. This was completely unnecessary and actually made it harder to see mom’s distraught facial expressions that convey that message much more than shaky cameras.

Later in the episode called Arkangel (S4E2) which is produced by Jodie Foster we see the daughter in her teens frantic and frustrated that her boyfriend just dumped her. In this scene there is shake but it’s necessary because there is no dialog. It adds to the presentation of emotional upset and should only be used in limted basis when there is no dialog. The reason it also works here has to do with how the viewer knows the context of her frustration from more than one perspective, hers, and her moms, and even that of us as we watch it and feel for what she went through her whole life bringing her to a point where we wonder if she might kill herself. We do not always have that kind of perspective and the shake and wander compliments the feelings of this scene.


I bought this film for a dollar on DVD. It gets about a 5 rating on IMDB.

 Strangerland (2015) on IMDb

It has beautiful visuals, very well done camera work, rocking camera motion only when totally worked not overdone and not like the mother of shaky cam syndrome movies that started all that nonsense “Blair Witch Project”.

Camera is perfectly still when appropriate.

Superb direction.

Acting a little sloppy at times though, seemed at times like they were pretending, though not too much of an issue. Other times awesome!

I liked this movie. Very engaging. It’s rare that I want to just sit there and keep paying attention. I can be a talker in a movie and this one made me shut up!

Everything flowed step by step unlike many other films that have chops in it and things that make no sense.

I liked Nicole Kidman in this and Joseph Fiennes is pretty hot with facial hair.

AMFM magazine says “A perfectly crafted film”. That explained my thoughts superbly.

The movie is too slow for some though, so that is why it gets a lower rating i think.

This brings me back to how movie ratings suck. They just are too simplistic. They are like how it would be to rate Russia, which Palin can see from her house of imagination, who would probably rate it a 1 or zero, because she has blocked tunnel vision, yet someone else, when they go there and are invited to go see a play at the Moscow Art Theatre which opened with Aleksey Tolstoy’s Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich in October 1898, sitting there with Putin, a few other world leaders, with a good friend, and discussing the world and Russian culture and how lame Hillary is for hours afterwards, with Putin ROTF in laughter saying how much he enjoyed our visit and how I cracked him up, before going back to Los Angeles to my humble life to write about how this movie deserves almost a 10 like rating and how my experience of seeing Russia would also get close to a 10.