Slums Of Beverly Hills (1998)

This film has some interesting things going for it but it’s also rather boring and frustrating especially in that it brings us a little too close to yucky sexual exploration. I had to shut it off about mid way when we are taken into the bathroom with the teen girl with her vibrator and her “first time”. In film making the way this was done effectively brings us in there with her so there are those who in watching this will find it fascinating. It doesn’t of course show anything too risque, so to speak, but it does show her face up close and her expressions. The camera doesn’t Blair Witch us thankfully as this was made one year before that, in 1998, and because of that we intensely focus on her face. In contrast one might want to use the BW effect a little to take away some of that intensity so keep this in mind when creating a film project. The film is set in 1974. The very fact that in those days there was no such thing as a cell phone and was a time that many of us can relate to makes this film worth a try as it takes you to both those days of fabulous Beverly Hills and those days of typical substandard American living. What I mean is that as you watch the interactions of all the players, we see how no one is distracted, people all in a room pay attention to each other, look at each other, talk to each other, and fully interact with each other for long periods of time, UNLIKE TODAY where ever you go people have their faced embedded in a piece of computerized glass thanks to Steve Jobs, and all those who invented and produced the telephone that can present us IMOVIES.

Slums Of Beverly Hills

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