Great news! Virus non-existence proven in court!
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FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (198 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever

it's simply never been proven to exist and the injections provide less than 1% absolute risk reduction
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Green energy delusions make great theatre

H20 is the greenhouse gas that is THE cause of climate change not CO2 that barely exists in the atmosphere

France starts up it's shut down coal plants as renewable energy FAILS

"Planet of the Humans" exposes itself to the scam of green energy as a long documentary. If you are in a rush to put the climate scam to rest forever invest only 58 seconds out of your day as an investor calls out exactly why banks keep investing in sea level properties WATCH HERE

The simple and unassailable fact is that for every MW of wind or solar there has to be a MW of coal or gas or nuclear or hydro ready, willing and able to pick up the slack, whenever the sun sets and/or calm weather sets in and the truth is that back up power is what charges that electric car 95% of the time!

In GREEN THEATER ENERGY they don't care about productivity as they rely on handouts from your taxes, look at this abysmal productivity chart!

As Professor David Mackay FRS, (eminent Cambridge UK physicist and former chief scientific officer at the UK Department of Energy), said in an interview

The 'Renewable Energy' obsession was driven by delusion.


The delusion has been perpetrated by people who have no understanding of the mathematics, engineering and practicalities of Energy technologies.

Would anyone sane ever buy a car costing between 8 – 25 times the normal price that only works one day in five, when you never know which day that might be?  And then insist that its technology is used to power the whole economy.

And those prices for electric cars that run on 95% coal energy just jumped 25% so they continue to be a net loss as well as a pain in the ass to deal with extention cords

iMovies work with Internet Matter

When life gives you lemons that you left to ROT and the juicer breaks you make adjustments


Bill Nye vs. Del Bigtree on "THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED"

The very cool Dr. Andrew Kaufman hangs with the Conspiracy Music Guru sings about taking the big pfarma Magic Injection Juice


The corrupt medical system put bags over the heads of patients to stop dangerous unicorns. Doctors and staff looked the other way. When are heads going to roll. They did this bullshit for over a year.

Politicians around the world keep providing the public raw sewage so the farmers that are feeling it bad right now are offering maneure in return while the globalists are being caught in their lies. Note in this clip the gal smiles which was banned during the fake-a-demic as they forced everyone to wear diapers that belong on babies bottoms not on your face. Meanwhile puppets hand more of your money to scum bag drug pushers another $9 billion. Remember the billions given to Fauci at the start of this disaster all we got was stay home and wash your hands bullshit then to make us free shots from hell or were they a placebo while locking you out of your normal life. Who the hell are these ass holes. Why does any one with a brain support this Horseshit Infected Virology (HIV). Sponsored by Pfizer is a convicted criminal paying the larget fine in history. Hellooo??

"In September 2009, Pfizer pleaded guilty to the illegal marketing of arthritis drug valdecoxib (Bextra) and agreed to a $2.3 billion settlement, the largest health care fraud settlement at that time" wikipedia

Why would anyone trust convicted felons with anything "covid"?


Harriet Tubman tried to convince people they were slaves. What? This sounds like a Fundamentalist Christian trying to convince someone that they are going to hell if they don't accept Jesus and the covid shot as their One And Only 2 Saviors with added boosters then the Frankenmonkey shot and the meningitis one even though that could have already been one of the placebos. She said "If I could have convinced more slaves that they were slaves I could have freed [saved] thousands more." It would seem anyone that was a slave in the sense of what theatricks would and has told us they would have already known. It's like that person that knows their life is fine but that evangelist on TV insists their life is crap and they must accept the Savior they offer.


The retarded film industry once again requires staff wear diapers on their heads. Math does not matter here yet they are good at production budgets. The  holes in face masks are bigger than any virus that does not even exist. In other words if you can smell someone's perfume or cologne throught that diaper the wearer is being exposed to or breathing out viruses if they existed directly through that stupid mask. Could someone please give them the memo and stop this medical charade. No California health agency or any others around the world can produce proof that SARS-CoV-2 or any other virus exists. Everything "covid" is theatricks.

details on masking up here and visit the .8% Absolute Risk Reduction rate theatre explaining how those shots are worthless and "Virus Non-existence Proven In Court" (2018)


FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (198 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever

it's never been proven to exist!

August 18, 2021: California's Department of Public Health confirmed for Kim Leonoudakis that they have no record of "SARS-COV-2" (including any "variants") having been purified from any patient sample on the planet and no analysis whatsoever re the alleged "Delta variant":

May 20, 2022: California Department of Public Health admitted to Kristen Welch that they have no record of any alleged "SARS-COV-2" (or scariant) having been found in and purified from the bodily fluid/tissue/excrement of any diseased human on the planet (in order for "it" to be sequenced, characterized and studied with controlled experiments) by anyone, anywhere, ever.

How did unicorns develop gold hoofs? This is the kind of question that virologists ask themselves and each other as they ask for yet more funding for research when they talk about studying variants and all their other nonsense as it's all based on what has NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST and is why if they cannot admit that viruses are dangerous unicorns they will keep spinning everyone in circles and collecting all the money that flys out of their pockets while never addressing the issues in any reasonable form.

Dr. Tom Cowan webinar July 1, 2022

In the 2nd half of the show he calls out the scam of alleged isolation of a polio virus they "found" in piles of raw sewage, where it's pure absurdity in science making no sense but this is what they sell to the public as they do not understand it, really what these virologists do do is pure Horseshit In Virology (HIV).

There is an ongoing lie of "scientific consensus" you cannot have consensus when they continually throw out anyone who disagrees with the preferred narratives that lead into the pit of drug pushing. Rebel News has a report about one immunology professor fired for saying what many have said the shots for kids are unnecessary and dangerous.

Vaccines are organized crime.

Woman in Ukrain says the Ukrainian troops destroy everything and she's ready to celebrate their 4th of July's again as it was and thankful for Russia helping them


Moving images have quite the effect when they sit still


On the David Knight show on July 4th, 2022

all shots are ONLY emergency use authorized thus all mandates by everyone is illegal

they are playing games with the public with the fake approval of Comirnaty it's not approved for INJECTION it's only approved for interstate commerce it's "ready to be approved" not actually approved it's a marketing trick to confuse people into believing the EUA version which is all that is actually available

the judge cleared this up while Fauci, CDC, presidents, health departments all lie lie lie

"boosters" is another marketing scheme the shot is the same as the first ones that DID NOT WORK as all of these only provide .8% Absolute Risk Reduction meaning ZERO they do nothing the whole thing is a sleasy drug pushing scam

further in the show he has a guest that is promoting a movie about going "beyond the grid" talk about sustainability and all the save the world nonsense as he's clearly got income from military retirement and probably investments all of which are totally dependent on all the non-sustainable resources claimed so I find these kinds of presentations pushing "sustainability" are hypocritical as they present themselves as something they are not as again they are totally dependent on the financial systems

find archive of show here


Strifestyles of the rich & famoose full of themselfabsorbists Mark Ruffalo and Barbara Streisand declare Supreme Court, Christians, Republicans "the American Taliban". Their Church of Flippantanity doctrine is an example of what is called "throwing the baby out with the dirty politicicized putrid recyclable bathwater." The constant streaming of gushing drama reminds us of how the unwanted HI virus fetus and it's twin sister the AID syndrome should have been aborted like what was done to the first pregnancy called Gay Related Immune Deficiency (GRID). In that drama of the 80's and 90's they would not let it be done, protecting that doctrine's fetus at all cost and allowing it to be born so it could live it's full life, hystericalism that forged the political policies and broad expansion of powers of government to the abuse of people as witnessed with the cult masking of people with diapers on their heads during the 2020 Perfect Vision See Things Clearly Era (2020/PVSTCE) which if it was born gay that way would have been  referred to as the 2020/PVSTCE/+IARQTBLG era to make it even more clearly ununderstood where in 1986 the Hustle of Incorrect Virology (HIV) birthed unlimited UNLIABILITY for the pharmceutical cartels to present poisons as treats such as what was done in the dramaumentary "Hit Hard Hit Early" and then coerce cult leaders to force them on their followers some of whom claimed at the start they were "building planes while flying them".


some script definitions

Hustling Incorrect Virology (HIV) used in a sentence "Fauci is HIV"

A faucist is one who Hustles Incorrect Virology (HIV)

Lying Used Vaccine Salesmen (LUVS) an example is Trump

Roe vs. Wade oveturned. It's no longer a federal, feral, or fecal matter, it now becomes internet matter. Some states will ban using guns or other objects to kill fetuses. Texas makes a fetus protected at moment of concept. Other states will allow or even promoat the use of medical assault weapons for continued mass fetus and blood cell destruction. Some keep calling for an end of the war on preborns.

When you shop at Dick's Sporting Goods you support their giving their employees money for fetus destruction. Dick's Sporting Goods was one of those virtue signalers that stopped selling guns to protect born fetuses. I would feel like a dick if I were to shop there. Fetuses may not be human and even though they don't belong to you, they might like to meet you someday, or hell they could even become an incredible movie star to replace all the virtue signaling woke crap we have vomiting out all their political views directly in our coffee when really all we want to do is have a normal conversation.

Vaxxed Away the movie brought to you by Pfizer and World Hell(th) Organization that once again and again blames male to male SEX for spreading what does not exist, the elusive ever morphing nothing. They are going to change the name of "monkey pox" for better MARKETING like they did with the common cold and flu naming it a novel addition to their dangerous unicorn war memorabelias and collections, while adding lockdowns and quarantine for special effect$. Also playing Pandamned: Gone With The Vax brought to you by Dr. Anthony Joseph Mengele, a faucist, not a faucet, a faucist, one who Hustles Incorrect Virology (HIV)

Pandemico - the movie script

They're OFF! See which horse always wins (until the judges find out they cheated)


Belief in Viruses Is not science it is Pfseudo Pscience like religion and vaccine cults are a result of the doctrines created by these beliefs


Jerm Warfare and Tom Cowan talk about Stefan Lanka PROVING in German Supreme court that virus does not exist and the lies in the ROTTEN BRANCH of biology called virology.

Biology needs to use the odd unrecognizable China squat toilet seen in this $300 per month 2 bedroom apartment to eliminate virology since it's nothing but feces. $45 per month utilities. $25 month internet.

watch! MoPo Xmania Summitt the germ theory is bankrupt!

if medical science was so great why did they not erradicate the common cold and flu?

FDA plans to skip clinical trials in perpetuity! listen to this podcast and the part where the lab technician says they downloaded the vaccine algorythm! gee what could go wrong, beware their new marketing scam "future framework" vaccines are all drug pushing lies

Ukranian man begs Russian soldier to not leave them to protect them from the Nazi forces.

When is a brain fully formed? ROFL

Remember when Democrats were against THE/VACCINE

Ukraine is losing but FAKE/NEWS is winning the war.

Malone says we have seen this pox movie before someone please explain what the velcro mechanism is that only allows virus to attach to specific velcro pieces when all viruses travel in the air on the backs of dangerous unicorns

Pandemic productions some tips on how to film wrong

Bacteria recycling is said by the medical communistity to be healthy

breathing back in your own bacteria does not keep you safe you idiots while the non-hustle community says it's sick

masks stop no virus any more than they stop dangerous unicorns

Some of the people......Madison Cawthorne talks about DC sex and drug orgy culture.

If you are going to WHO/CLAIM there's a pandemic and a new disease YOU/WHO need to provide evidence. Amandha Vollmer and Christine Massey discuss and mention how those who keep repeating the MANTRA of "abundance of caution" are the VERY/ONES that are throwing caution to the wind they pick and choo$e which caution$ they prefer. by Dr. David Martin be sure to read about it's purpose


Raw milk just feels better healthy says author of the book Virus Mania Dr. Sam Bailey

SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated, viruses go right through masks if they existed, and Alameda County masks up 1.6 million residents everywhere again for satisfy their delusions as is done in all cults

Overyly hyperproeducated dude claims covid came out of a lab why are all these people so stupid? There are no viruses. The only thing that comes out of the labs is HIV, Horseshit In Virology. They make up everything it's all lies as no virus ever in history anywhere in the world has been proven to exist. They are dangerous UNICORNS. When you get a grip on this fact there is no need to go to war and you can drop all the drama and focus on what matters.

195 official institutions have NOT been able to present a shed of science proving any virus exists, it doesn't matter what virus we ask about influenza, HIV, others they all respond that they have no record showing proof they exist visit CHRISTINE MASSEY website  video found here


You thought the propoganda of the 1950's ended ROFL


"Sac City Unified, one of the worst districts in America, has reimposed a mask mandate. This will not happen in any area that I represent." Kevin Kiley California legislator running for Congress to clean up all this muck visit his blog

In the series of fun stuff shown below one comic says "I treat vaccines the same way I treat theme park rides" before going for that ride look at the people that just went on that ride and if they are puking their guts out I avoid it" the problem though with this laughable comic performance in this series is that the covid vax is an out of lab test experiment on humans instead of lab rats and placebos are used, so if you rely on looking at others to see if they are doing well after their what is it now 1400 shots to get your life back after they stole it they may have just gotten a placebo. Covid is medical marketing fraud. What is disgusting is how so much of corporatism supports these lies.


Fauci's lies about safe and effective at money making vaccines displayed, 2 years of lies covered in two minutes. Were you a fool that again bought this scoundrels lies? It actually has no absolute effectiveness!

Masks stop no virus follow the mathematics and physics, the holes in fabric let them go right through, viruses IF THEY EXISTED or even be in any quantity anywhere are on par with gasses so what the fuck is wrong with these people and this governing that can't seem to stop this bullshit. Where are the mental illness tests for these people that keep pushing this crap? It's a religious cult based on beliefs. Viruses have NEVER BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST. According to the science the alleged viruses are the same as tobacco smoke WHICH GOES RIGHT THROUGH AND AROUND FABRIC SO ALL OF THIS IS MEDICAL HUSTLE THEATRICKS to sell you crap injections you don't need that PROVIDE ZERO PROTECTION.

Stop The Treaty worked. 47 countries in Africa who have 1st hand experience of the way WHO handle$ thing$ said to fuck off. The public is not interested in covidunism rule.

Variant viruses are like snowflakes, no two are alike yet they are the same. They are like the variants of lies in virology that claim a virus exists and their lies about these invisible unicorns is different yet the same. Viruses do not exist except on movie sets, in the mind, written in scripts, made for drama, entertainment, and fear to induce consolation prizes, and in the labs MODELED by computers, never isolated to any degree of reality proving any real existence.

Of course Duesberg pointed this out in the 1980's as well regarding HIV which also was never isolated to prove any real existence.

Viruses are virtually merely dangerous unicorns and like those horses with horns DO NOT EXIST. If you insist they are real, please send me the results for that test of the air that proves they are floating around smashing into you, knocking you down, and while you are at it, please exhale a number of times over that open window in winter and tell me how well that other illusion, carbon dioxide as a blanket allegedly insulates your home from the outdoor cold, or for that matter place an entire carbon footprint on that window that is also imaginary and let us know how well it insulates as it tries to stomp out illusions while others promote them so they have more of your energy.
viruses are an imaginary construct

testing for bird flu is another FAKE/TEST


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Conflict of interest dude gets paid $9 million for prevention drugs that do not work. The great Dr. David Martin explains "covid-19 is a set of symptoms not a disease" WOW

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New threat (actually old) Horse Poop Poxx (HPP) arrived right on time to do more monkeying around with your mind. Amazing Polly reports

iMovies work with Internet Matter

World Economic Forum is another fake movie set as is wind turbines and solar panels that rob you of your energy

A French city council votes to allow humans to wear what they like in public swimming holes. MEAN while the American Medical establishment goons continue to promote and remove part of full covering of the men's most private part as they then after removing it without the baby man's permission and it's endured pain and horror when it is done sell it for profit or dispose of it entirely ruining for life the protection and sensual pleasures of that part of their man HOOD.

"The US House of Representatives has voted 368-57 to spend $40 billion on a world-threatening proxy war while ordinary Americans struggle to feed themselves and their children" and who would have ever imagined in America baby formula becoming scarce as $10 a gallon gasoline is no longer in a rear view mirror, we are driving full force at it. The mere 57 NO votes were Republicans. Delusionocrats were all lock step following their cult leaders. Ron Paul has more on this

To put this in perspective, Congress could instead have GIVEN AWAY 80,000 fully paid 1/2 million dollar homes to Americans in need.

Each of those homes could house say 5 people. This would take 400,000 homeless people off the streets. The problem is these people in Congress are so deluded, retarded, narcissist, corrupt, and or don't care about the real issues and watch too much TV for their disprohyperwarpedspeedinformation to do anything worthwhile but you might want to inform them of this better use of those funds that is YOUR MONEY and see what happens.

Gerald Calente comments

Democrat war opposers have gone dinosaur, they push for gun control, then first to demand more guns for war. So as you see the homeless remember 80,000 fully paid homes could have gone to Americans.

View the documentary series on the once in a lifetime world freedom event that occurred in Ottowa, Canada where the truckers arrived in mass in the capital and at borders to protest out of control medical political tyrrany that turned people into experimental objects denying them a way to make a living unless they submitted to orders the public be Pfarmauci's roaming lab rats based on the assertion with no proof that any virus actually exists

Trucking For Freedom

iMovies work with Internet Matter

Carbon footprints do not exist

A house is not a home without a desert telling it what to do with watering the virus garden so it grows and makes certain people very very rich and others poor or dead
Now Playing everywhere

Plastic people affected by injections of leisure suits and anti-freeze who when you try to warn them insist they are worshiping the correct drug lord in

COVID: the children's cereal
movie in the works release date planned for dancing sugar plum day

Mattel will not allow you to arrange letters into words without first checking with Mommie Dearest

15 signs of you being in an ABUSIVE/RELATIONSHIP

the movie and the warning before the wake up call

World's highest paid smoke and mirror salesman the movie

needs to reflect on whoz a better dr source

Fauci (pronounced FRAUD/SEEEEEEE) guilty of covid trespass the movie
We tried to warn you about this scum for 40 years as we watched our friends drop dead of his poison pills. Dodocrats installed this piece of shit in the 1980's and worship the cult to this fucking day. You are better off getting advice from an empty can of Dr. Pepper or one shaken up that when you open it up sprays similar gooey sugary teeth rotting sweet spray all over you.
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SPEAKING OF salesmen what is Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand doing walking out of NYC offices of Black Rock?

mRNA Vaccines Over 40 Times More Deadly Than Rifles the movie Vaccines are deadlier than guns

What's so funny?
a day on the beach in Ukraine


Drug lord in Canada celebrates "freedom day" while imprisoning freedom fighters
The Canadian government gets royalties from the "delivery" technology that is patented in the SARS-CoV-2 "vaccines" so of course they are going to mandate it wouldn't you if you were king? Canada is a monarchy not a constitutional republic as is the USA.