Making a good movie ending

written by Ken Wegorowski on September 16, 2017 Basically there are some standard techniques that film makers use to signify and end to their movie. I want to touch on just one of those that I had never seen done before. In the film “Margin Call” they didn’t end the verbal sound track. Most films […]

Add some excitement

What could have been a boring presentation as to how to remove algae from a swimming pool was turned into something fun. Few film makers will go to these lengths to make sure their viewers get a real kick out of what they are watching but when they do, it makes the movie what  it […]

Avoid bobble heading in film

A very popular technique today in filming is what I like to call “bobbleheading”. It’s where someone narrates in front of the camera, talking fast, moving their head around, making lots of facial expressions that are very animated. Basically they look like a blending of bobbleheads and cartoon characters. I think this technique is overused. […]

Guy visits “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” house

I noticed a couple of nice filming techniques that a guy did in a film he made that started by visiting a “ghost town” Bartlett, Texas. I think the term isn’t really being used correctly as there were people still living there, most ghost towns are abandoned completely. See if you notice them for yourself. […]

Spotlighting tells a bedtime story

THE BRIT AWARDS (1995) Madonna – Bedtime Story (4:59) This snapshot of the video shows a great moment where Madonna walked down off the stage and touched the audience up close, the spotlight was following her. Notice this look of the round circle of light. It’s an effect that presents a unique scene amidst the […]