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About the variant snowflake variant background on this site. It is one variant snowflake of infinite variants, just like the variants of lies in virology that claim a virus exists and it varies, any variation would be just like snowflakes, different yet the same. Problem is with viruses they are in the mind and modeled by computers, never isolated to any degree of reality in this world. So this background is also inspired by the new flu order rebranded cold disease world dystopia where everyone is now building it as an upside down pyramid and expecting it to stand such as the rediculous idea that a particle of carbon dioxide in proportion in air at 1/2500 can do anything to affect climate when it is WATER VAPOR, HEAT, COOLING all forces that are beyond anyone's control on Earth are what causes climate to change.

carbon footprints are a myth

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viruses are virtually merely dangerous unicorns and like those horses with horns DO NOT EXIST

viruses are an imaginary construct

testing for bird flu is another FAKE/TEST


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Conflict of interest dude gets paid $9 million for prevention drugs that do not work. The great Dr. David Martin explains "covid-19 is a set of symptoms not a disease" WOW

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iMovies work with Internet Matter

World Economic Forum is another fake movie set as is wind turbines and solar panels that rob you of your energy

A French city council votes to allow humans to wear what they like in public swimming holes. MEAN while the American Medical establishment goons continue to promote and remove part of full covering of the men's most private part as they then after removing it without the baby man's permission and it's endured pain and horror when it is done sell it for profit or dispose of it entirely ruining for life the protection and sensual pleasures of that part of their man HOOD.

"The US House of Representatives has voted 368-57 to spend $40 billion on a world-threatening proxy war while ordinary Americans struggle to feed themselves and their children" and who would have ever imagined in America baby formula becoming scarce as $10 a gallon gasoline is no longer in a rear view mirror, we are driving full force at it.

The mere 57 NO votes were Republicans. Delusionocrats were all lock step following their cult leaders.

New threat (actually old) Bullshit Pox monkeying around with your mind. Amazing Polly reports

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To put this in perspective, Congress could instead have GIVEN AWAY 80,000 fully paid 1/2 million dollar homes to Americans in need.

Each of those homes could house say 5 people. This would take 400,000 homeless people off the streets. The problem is these people in Congress are so deluded, retarded, narcissist, corrupt, and or don't care about the real issues and watch too much TV for their disprohyperwarpedspeedinformation to do anything worthwhile but you might want to inform them of this better use of those funds that is YOUR MONEY and see what happens.

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Democrat war opposers have gone dinosaur, they push for gun control, then first to demand more guns for war. So as you see the homeless remember 80,000 fully paid homes could have gone to Americans.

view the documentary series on the once in a lifetime world freedom event that occurred in Ottowa, Canada where the truckers arrived in mass in the capital and at borders to protest out of control medical political tyrrany that turned people into experimental objects denying them a way to make a living unless they submitted to orders the public be Pfarmauci's roaming lab rats based on the assertion with no proof that any virus actually exists
Trucking For Freedom